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Why you'll love kitesurfing in Brazil!

  • One of the windiest location on the Planet
  • Amazing people and culture
  • Stunning lagoons

Brazil is home to some of the best kitesurf holiday spots in the world due to phenomenal wind reliability for at least 9 months of the year. Other big attractions of kitesurfing holidays to Brazil are the friendliness of the people, the amazing value for money (for westerners), an amazing climate and stunning beaches as far as the eye can see, especially in the Northern Ceara region.

Brazil being the world’s largest country in the tropics includes many other points of interest including historical colonial towns, dense jungle regions of the Amazon, vibrant cities (including the incredible Rio de Janeiro) and staggering natural beauty such as Iguazu Falls and the Pantanal wetlands.

Planet Kitesurf Holidays has travelled extensively in Brazil for many years, our most recent visit being in 2015. We pride ourselves on being the Brazil kitesurf holiday experts! Due to the extensive array of kitesurf resorts with so much to see and do we would strongly suggest calling and speaking with one of our Brazil kitesurfing holiday experts. Planet Kitesurf specialise in tailor made tours combining kitesurf holidays with kitesurf resorts alongside trips and tours all over Brazil or in combination with a Peru kitesurf holiday.

One of the best ways to see as much as possible in a short time is to join one of our monthly kitesurf downwinder trips. These one week trips take in some of the best kitesurf locations in the Northern region of Ceara, staying at only the best accommodation every day, all accompanied by an expert guide with full 4x4 support.

Top regions in brazil

Best for - Beginner (9/10), improver (9/10), Intermediate (9/10), Intermediate (9/10), Advance (8/10)

Prea used to be a quiet fishing village but has now developed into a well-established small town that revolves around the kitesurfing scene. In recent years the level of accommodation has become much higher, and a number to great restaurants have sprung up. Prea now has a great vibe, but still not overdeveloped. 

This is a great location to combine Kitesurfing with Wing Foiing. It is also good for all types of holidays including family (we have stunning 2-bedroom luxury rooms with child care of needed), couples or solo travellers looking for a friendly and social environment.

Here at Planet Travel, we think Prea is the best when combined with one of the other resorts in Brazil, such as Tatajuba, Taiba, Camacim, Icaraizinho or Cumbuco. Also, we run one-week downwinder trips from Cumbuco finishing in Prea!

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (9/10), Intermediate (9/10), Intermediate (9/10)

The once-little fishing village of Cumbuco is around just 30 minutes journey North of Fortaleza airport in the North Eastern state Ceara, Brazil. From the months of June to January this part of Brazil has to be one of the windiest places on the Planet! Combined with some of the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet, and a vibrant South American atmosphere, Cumbuco makes for a Kitesurfing Holiday of a lifetime.

PLANET first visited this area about 20 years ago on a research trip along the entire Northern Coastline from Fortaleza right up to Jericoacoara. At that time Cumbuco was a relatively little-known quiet spot. Since then the word has got around about what an astounding place this is and so the resort has become one of the best known kitesurf resorts in Brazil. On a more recent visit we have found a range of new, very good accommodations, the best in Cumbuco (we went to see every hotel!). Cumbuco is best suited to those looking for a very sociable and fun kitesurf holiday with some amazing conditions for all levels; from total beginner through to those looking for small waves. For bigger waves it is better to head further North (ask us about this if you are advanced rider).

As with all of our resorts it is always best to speak with us, we are Brazil experts and know this region very well. It is very important to get the right accommodation and location for your budget and level - when booking with Planet Kitesurf Holidays you can be assured of both. If you have a little longer we strongly recommend combining a kitesurf holiday to Cumbuco with one of the other kitesurf resorts and / or some other trips around Brazil - see our suggested tours below.

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Best for - Beginner (7/10), improver (7/10), Intermediate (9/10), Intermediate (9/10), Advance (8/10)

The coastal area of Gostoso is an amazing kitesurf holiday destination if you are looking for a rich South American experience combined with some of the most reliable kitesurf conditions on the planet. Located in the region of Rio Grande Do Norte, and just over a one hour transfer from Natals International airports, Gostoso is one of the more accessible kitesurf resorts

A kitesurf holiday to Gostoso offers a rare combination of incredibly reliable wind, beautiful small accommodations and amazing value for money. The local people are very charming, and always offer a warm welcome to windsurfers, kiters, and surfers. Violence is non existent here, and the pace of life is really calm. The town of Gostoso is changing a lot with wind tourism growing every year and new small very good restaurants popping up. There is a range of very good quality hand picked accommodations with the kitesurfing either directly on site or just a short walk away.

When planning a kitesurf holiday to Brazil it is especially important you get the best advice on the appropriate accommodation and kitesurf location for your budget and skill level. As with a lot of destinations there tends to be just a hand full of really good quality accommodations and kitesurf schools. Planet Kitesurf Holidays are Brazil specialist having travelled extensively around the coast of this amazing country. Please call us for expert advice and we will do our best to make sure you get the best kitesurf holiday to Brazil.

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Best for - Intermediate (10/10)

This is a very special part of Northern Brazil offering a tranquil and charming location with some amazing kitesurfing conditions for all levels. The name icaraizinho refers to a small beach fishing town consisting of a hand full of restaurants, shop and basic amenities. The beach here is stunning and very wide. We think that a kitesurfing holiday to Icaraizinho is best done for around 4 days in combination with perhaps Gostoso or Cumbuco. A longer duration may work well if you are considering a very relaxing romantic break with a non kitesurfing partner or family.

When planning a kitesurf holiday to Brazil it is especially important you get the best advice on the appropriate accommodation and kitesurf location for your budget and skill level. As with a lot of destinations, there tends to be just a handful of really good quality accommodations and kitesurf schools. Planet Kitesurf Holidays are Brazil specialists who have travelled extensively around the coast of this amazing country. Please call us for expert advice and we will do our best to make sure you get the best kitesurf holiday to Brazil.

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10), Intermediate (10/10), waves (7/10)

Atins is located at the mouth of the River Preguica, sandwiched between a massive Delta region to the South, and a huge National Park of Sand Dunes to the North (Lençóis Maranhenses). The river's winding path forms shifting sandbanks and shallow lagoons. and with it, some of the most dramatic flat water kitesurf conditions to be found anywhere on the Planet. The region is famous for its super consistent strong wind (but perhaps not super strong as in some parts of Northern Brazil), making it an ideal spot for kiteboarding. But Atins has something extra special to offer! The enchanting Lençóis Maranhenses, a one-of-a-kind landscape blending white sand dunes with abundant underground water sources creating kitesurf lagoons right in the heart of the sand dunes (best from June to October).

The range of accommodation in Atin has historically been quite rustic and simple, but as of 2023, Planet Kitesurf can now offer an additional super luxury small hotel option.

To get the most from your Brazil experience we suggest adding additional kitesurf region, in combination with a day's travel through the Delta. Please speak to one of our Brazil experts about putting together the perfect Brazil kitesurf holiday itinerary.

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10), Intermediate (10/10), Intermediate (10/10)

Taiba is a great kitesurf spot with great finest flat water and excellent small waves (provided you are mobile or use a transfer). Thanks to the two shallow flat water spots directly in the location, the spot brilliant for beginners.  The two wave spots of Taibinha and Morro do Chapéu, are a for advanced kiters.

Taiba is a lot quieter and more relaxed than in Cumbuco which is located upwind. Although Taiba is also only a good hour’s drive from Fortaleza. Nevertheless, you have to expect more kite surfers on the water here in the high season and especially on weekends.

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10), Intermediate (10/10)

Tatajuba in Nothern Brazil is a secret hideaway where you can reconnect with nature and in an astonishing location that will work on your soul. Here you can live according to the rhythm of nature with high and low tide and the wind determining your daily activities. Tatajuba is known for its fantastic sunsets and beautiful night sky which is full of stars. Tatajuba is the jewel of Brasil, still untouched with white sandy beaches, and sunny warm weather which lasts the whole year. Amazing nightlife is also available close by in Jericoacoara.

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The town of Camocim in a remote part of Northern Brazil is an incredible destination if you want to escape the better-known busier kitesurf spots further South and experience a really authentic Brazil. The coastline here is huge and wild, backed by stunning sand dunes. The town of Camocim is an authentic working Brazilian small town, but with some interesting old buildings and history. 

There are really two options when staying in this area.

Camocim Town -  If you want to really experience the atmosphere and culture you can stay in a stunning old house, that has been beautifully restored, and then be taken 15 minutes by beach buggy to the kite or windsurf beach. 

Maceio Beach - You can stay at the beach North of the town (that includes Maceio Beach) so you can kitesurf directly from your accommodation. Here you can choose between being in the heart of Maceio Beach with many beach restaurants, or in a luxury retreat in a secluded spot. In this area, you have both very flat water (perfect for learning or improving), or some really easy small waves at high tide

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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10), Intermediate (10/10), Intermediate (10/10), waves (7/10)

There are so many amazing kitesurf spots around Brazil, most of them amazing in one way or the other, whether it be beautiful accommodations, huge kite lagoons, wave spots, great places to eat, Wing Foiling, and high-standard professional kite schools. However, it is very hard to find all these things in one place and this is what makes Ilha Do Guajiru such a unique place for the ultimate all-around Brazilian kitesurf holiday. The resort works really well for solo travellers, couples or families, although the accommodation choice is important. 

Here is Ilha Do Guajiru the first thing you notice is the stunning flat water lagoon that is created by a massive sand bar; this is an amazing flat water spot. There are some small gusty sections, and at very low tides it is necessary to kitesurf just outside the lagoon (or over the sand bar into the open sea), but on the whole, the kiting area is great with lots of space. As well as this there are 3 other super flat water lagoons a short drive away, or you can visit some as part of a downwinder. There is also one trip here where you can kitesurf in a river estuary amongst a mangrove forest - an incredible experience.  Ilha Do Guajiru is one of the best all-around kitesurfing spots in Brasil, and maybe even in the world!

Other than amazing kitesurfing, there is also amazing food, both in our recommended properties, as well as outside. Just behind the main lagoons beach, there are a number of superb restaurants and small bars; but all quite relaxed - this is not a party town but it does have a great ‘vibe’.

It is definitely possible to spend 7-10 days (or longer) here without getting bored, but Brazil has so many amazing and very special spots, so we do recommend combining a stay here with one to two other locations as part of your trip, if time allows. It is always best to speak to one of the Brazil kitesurf holiday specialists. We have extensive first-hand knowledge of the majority of kitesurf locations in Brazil, as well as other interesting places such as the stunning Parnaíba Delta, the Amazon, The Pantanal wetlands and the cities of Rio and Sao Paulo. We can construct personalised tailor-made itineraries to ensure you get the most out of your Brazil experience. Brazil can be a complex destination to understand and requires good planning, the use of experienced off-road drivers with the correct permits, and it is very important to get the correct accommodation.


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Best for - Beginner (10/10), improver (10/10)

Barra Grande is one of the best kitesurf destinations in Brazil for those looking to kitesurf directly from their accommodation, in a large flat water spot, with a choice of a good restaurant to eat out close by. This makes it a great location for all types of kitesurf holiday, including a family kitesurf holiday. The kitesurf and wing foiling school here is especially good and very professional.

Barra Grande, located in the state of Piauí, has been a renowned kiteboarding destination in South America for many years but is less known by Europeans, although this is now changing. The closest airport is Jericoacoara (around 2.5 hours away). Barra Grande works really well in combination with Atins or Prea, also really outstanding kitesurf resorts. 

Main Kite Spot - Directly from the main beach there is a large flat water area with lots of space for those learning to kitesurf. A little upwind to the right there is a sand bar fringed with Oysters - this makes the water downwind very flat, but the sharp Oysters should be avoided 

Macapa - A short distance upwind, approximately 2 kilometers from the beach, there exists a rocky bank that acts as a natural barrier, shielding the spot from excessively large waves. Consequently, during low tide, you can expect mostly very flat water, but as the tide rises, it can get choppier. Thanks to the bay's shallow water and the side-onshore wind from the right, this is a great place for those learning to kitesurf.

One of the main attractions in Barra Grande is incredible the flatwater lagoon and river estuary at Macapa Beach, located 2 kilometers downwind. You can kite here in the river mouth at any times, but there is also a massive lagoon that fills up with the incoming tide. This is a perfect playground for freestyle kiteboarding amidst several sandbanks and butter flat water.

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