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Why You'll love Kite Surfing in Cumbuco !

  • Vibrant South American atmosphere
  • Amazing conditions for kiters of every level
  • A range of new, very good accommodation options to choose from

Cumbuco Kitesurf Holidays Overview

The once little fishing village of Cumbuco is around just 30 minutes journey North of Fortaleza airport in the North Eastern state Ceara, Brazil. From the months of June to December this part of Brazil has to be one of the windiest places on the Planet! Combined with some of the friendliest people you are ever likely to meet, and a vibrant South American atmosphere, Cumbuco makes for a Kitesurfing Holiday of a lifetime.

PLANET first visited this area about 10 years ago on a research trip along the entire Northern Coastline from Fortaleza right up to Jericoacoara. At that time Cumbuco was a relatively little known quiet spot. Since then the word has got around about what an astounding place this is and so the resort has become one of the best known kitesurf resorts in Brazil. On a more recent visit in 2015 we have found a range of new, very good accommodations, the best in Cumbuco (we went to see every hotel!). The resort is still amazing, the beach is stunning and plenty of space for lots of kiters. Cumbuco is best suited to those looking for a very sociable and fun kitesurf holiday with some amazing conditions for all levels; from total beginner through to those looking for small waves. For bigger waves it is better to head further North (ask us about this if you are advanced rider).

As with all of our resorts it is always best to speak with us, we are Brazil experts and know this region very well. It is very important to get the right accommodation and location for your budget and level - when booking with Planet Kitesurf Holidays you can be assured of both. If you have a little longer we strongly recommend combining a kitesurf holiday to Cumbuco with one of the other kitesurf resorts and / or some other trips around Brazil - see our suggested tours below.

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The Spot

Cumbuco:  On one side of Cumbuco are big dunes and on the other flat sea, but the warm air radiating off the dunes builds the wind up - it‘s proper trade wind too. There is miles of flat wide beach to chose a spot to launch from so you shouldn’t get too crowded even if it seems like there are lots of people around town or the hotels.

Paracuru: One of the best spots of the north east of Brazil for the beautiful waves and the flat water at low tide. Situated at 70km north from Cumbuco, Paracuru is a really quiet place to enjoy the waves on the reef. Wind is on shore and blows around 30 knots and more (stronger than Cumbuco). The reef protects the kite area and offers a flat spot at low tide. At high tide the kite area becomes a bit choppy.

Pecem water spot: 20km northern from Cumbuco, the spot is situated just upwind to the very long bridge. With the nice tide and swell you can ride very nice waves. The best it’s to drive on the beach from Cumbuco with the buggy. You can also use the normal road but you’ll have to walk a bit to access to the spot. Be careful with the current and the “side off shore wind”.

Lagoa Cauipe: Situated 10km downwind (north) to Cumbuco the Lagoa Cauipe is a beautiful lagoon close to the sea. Flat water or waters, you choose. You need a buggy or a 4x4 to drive from Cumbuco to the lagoon if you want to use the “road beach”. With a normal car you can take the normal road. You can also make a nice downwind from Cumbuco.

The Wind In Cumbuco

From June to December North Eastern Brazil has some of the best wind in the planet with reliable 20 - 30 knots 80% of the days!!

Nightlife In Cumbuco

Cumbuco has some great nightlife and restaurtants all situated around the small centre. You can have a great time in Cumbuco on the weekends if you want or just have a relaxing meal in a small restaurant...all with a Brazilian smile. If you want a big night out then head to Fortaleza, here you have everything.

Resort Summary

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Top Recommended Luxury Hotels

  • Hotels in cumbuco  : Vila Coconut
    4* Vila Coconut
    Holiday From £1,200
  • Hotels in cumbuco  : Windtown Beach Hotel
    3* Windtown Beach Hotel
    Holiday From £1,100
  • Hotels in cumbuco  : Carmel Cumbuco Hotel
    5* Carmel Cumbuco Hotel
    Holiday From £2,000