Recommended Hotels in Punta San Carlos

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  • HOTEL in punta san carlos

    3* Campo Punta San Carlos

    Punta San Carlos From £1450
    Situated 275 miles south of the San Diego-Tijuana border, the Campo Punta San Carlos is the place to be for adventurous holiday-makers. Soak the view of the majestic mountain mesa touching the azure water of the pacific. This wild and rugged place offers an immense number of on and off-land activi...
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Other Recommended Hotels in Mexico

  • HOTEL in Mexico

    5* Hacienda San Jose

    Yucatan Peninsula From £1000
    This hotel has been rebuilt in typical colonial style and is located near the Yucatan's capital Merida. The region's greatest treasures are within easy reach including the ruins at Uxmal and Chichen Itza and the colonial gem of Izamal. These peculiarities as well as the friendly staff make Hacienda San J...
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  • HOTEL in Mexico

    4* Hacienda Uayamon

    Yucatan Peninsula From £1200
    Hacienda Uayamon is an amazing property located close to the Mayan site of Edzná, south east of Campeche on Mexico's stunning Yucatan Peninsula. The beautiful colonial town of Campeche is not so far away and is well worth a visit, so Hacienda Uayamon is also a quite good option for explori...
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