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Best Kite Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Tarifa!

  • Year round incredible wind reliability
  • A short distance from the UK
  • Some of the best nightlife and food in the region

Tarifa Kitesurf Holidays

Tarifa is a small very charming Old Town at the most southerly point of Spain, close to Gibraltar, with a stunning beach stretching out for around 10 km from the town. Tarifa Is one of the most famous spots for kitesurfing in Europe due to its year round incredible wind reliability. One downside of its reputation during the peak summer Is that months from June to August the main kitesurf beaches are crammed. During this period the region is best time avoided if you are not comfortable picking your way through 100's of other kiters, or you can travel Further Along the cost to quieter locations.

One of the big attractions of Tarifa is the shorts distance from the UK, the amazing atmosphere both on the beach and in the Old Town as well as some of the best nightlife and food in the region.

If you are looking to travel to Tarfia on a budget there are a huge amount of apartments to be found Easily Online. However, there are only a handfull of quality beach front hotels and high standard apartments in the Old Town, most of which can be booked at excellent prices via Planet. Planet Kitesurf have been arranging kitesurf holidays to Tarifa for over 12 years so we have a huge experience in this region.

The Wind Conditions In Tarifa

The ideal wind is (Poniente), side-onshore from the right. 
It mainly blows in spring and autumn, and in summer as a 
thermal wind, with wind forces of around 3-5 bft. (Levante), comes side-offshore from the left, with wind forces of 6-8 bft. Although the Levante is not the most ideal conditions, our centre at Valdevaqeuros has the safest conditions on the bay. With a sandy sailing area free from rocks, and a big sand bank down-wind, everyone has a feeling of safety, and beginners need not fear drifting off.

The Kitesurf Areas

There is 7 Km of coast kitesurfing in Tarifa, between the beach at Valdevaqueros and Hurricane, so you can change your daily spot DEPENDING on the wind. Hurricane is best for a Levante wind as there is a big sandbank downwind

We have two centers in Tarifa to cater for both wind directions; one at the main kiting area Valdevaqueros, and one at Hurricane beach.


The extra activities to try out are Kitesurfing, SUP, Surfing, Golf, Tennis, Yoga, Rock Climbing, Mountain biking in the beautiful mountains behind Tarifa, horse riding along the beach, and whale watching where you are either guaranteed a sighting or you get free trips until you do! Fairy boats leave several times a day from the harbour in Tarifa, for day trips to Tangier in Morocco. Sevilla, Malaga and Rhonda are typical Andalusian cities nearby Tarifa, where you will find traditional spanish tapas bars and quirky shopping.


Tarifa has a wicked night life that really gets rolling at around 1 AM. You can party until the morning and not have to worry about sleeping through the wind as it’s just always there.

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