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Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In peru!

  • Paracas has extremely reliable wind, which only has few days a year with no wind at all
  • The shallow bay of Santo Domingo is perfect for learners and there are loads of spots to satisfy even the most experienced kiter
  • A plethora of other activities to embark upon such as, trekking, incredible tours and sightseeing

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Peru is an incredible country! With stunning wildlife, and incredible culture throughout. Paracas, around 4 hours from Lima, is one of the most wind reliable kitesurf resorts we offer. Even in the lowest wind period of May- July there is still around 60% kiteable days ! In high season from September to March a kitesurf holiday to Paracas will leave you exhausted from kiting every day !

Paracas is a very unusual place, on one side of the resort it is quite dirty with litter washing up on unremarkable beaches. However, on the other side (where our hotels and kiting area is) is stunning. This is the upmarket area with heavy investment in luxury homes and hotels in the last 5 years reflecting in soaring land prices. This side or Paracss boarders a huge nature reserve which is home to 1000's of birds including huge flocks of pelicans and flamingos. On our visit in 2015 we found ourselves kitesurfing through a sea of birds with seals and dolphins making the odd appearance, all set against a backdrop of beautiful and huge sand dunes. This really is a very special place!

Planet Kitesurf are a Peru kitesurf holiday specialist having travelled extensively around the region. We would strongly recommend combining you Paracas kitesurf experience with at least some days site seeing, especially an overnight visit to visit Machu Piccu. Please call us now for expert advice on this superb destination. We can offer amazing value for money in superb accommodations here.

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Mancora, like a lot of places we have visited in Peru, is a mixture of stunning and, well, not so stunning! The town of Mancora is quite interesting in terms of small café, restaurants and a few good shops, all very cheap.. There are also quite a lot of cheap accommodation in town to accommodate young travellers passing through. It also tends to be quite dusty as it is a through way for most of the traffic in the area so perhaps not a place you would wish to spend much time. South of the town is a long stretch of very nice beach along which there are a number of good quality accommodations, including some really beautiful small boutique style hotels; it is in this area that we have our carefully selected properties looking out over pristine beaches.

The main attraction of Mancora is the amazing waves for Surf, SUP and Kitesurfing. There are a number of locations along the coast depending on the days conditions and your preferred sport. Mancora is best done with a guide, which we will provide you, to take you to the best locations for what you want to do. Then after a good days watersports back to you relaxing beach front hotel to take in the sunset.

For those that appreciate good food Mancora has a lot to offer both in some of the hotels and also some excellent local restaurants. Mancora is best suited to either individuals looking for some world class watersports or for a romantic getaway.

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Pacasmayo in Northern Peru is home to the longest kiteable wave in the world, and in our opinion, is the best kitesurf wave spot on the planet!! You can find bigger waves in places like Maui and Mauritius, but in terms of reliability and perfect set up it really does not get much better. Imagine set after set after set rolling and peeling for almost 1km. Normally the first thing to give out are your legs, not the wave. You can probably do more bottom turns on a weeks holiday to kitesurf Pacasmayo than you have done in your life! The waves here are perfectly formed but do not carry much power so super easy. This is a great location for confident independent kitesurfers who want to start the wave riding on a surf board / directional board. The only problem is once you have been here nothing else is as good!

Pacasmayo involves 3 flights from Europe plus a 2 hour transfer so it best to plan for a minimum of 10 days, although with some good connections a week is possible. There a nice local town, just a short walk from our accommodation, with some really good local restaurants and cafes, and very cheap. There are ATM, Pharmacy and all the basics there that you may need. Planet Kitesurf and the UK specialist in Peru Kitesurfing Holidays. This can be a complex country to plan a kitesurf holiday without good first hand knowledge. Peru is a curious mixture of stunning and amazing culture, historic towns and beaches mixed with rubbish strewn, often very poor, dusty areas.

Planet Kitesurf have invested considerable time in making sure we offer the best hotels, tours and kitesurf facilities in Peru. We strongly recommend adding on at least some of the cultural tours to your Pacasmayo Kitesurf Holiday, especially a 2-3 day tour of around Cuzco / Machu Picchu. Please call and speak with a specialist Peru kitesurf specialist to see how we may put together a tailor made tour itinerary to fit your dates, budget and kitesurf preference.

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