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Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Golf De Roses!

  • Learn to foil with one of the best schools in the world
  • Amazing boutique style accommodation where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the area
  • Excellent tapas bars and restaurants await for when you are not on the water

Golf De Roses Kitesurf Holidays Overview

Compared to the rest of the Costa Brava, the huge, fine sandy bay of Roses is very spacious, and by far the windiest spot on the Catalan coast. Located in the south of the bay of Roses, not far from the Club Mistral centre, is the medieval village of Sant Marti d’Empuries with its’ famous archaeological sites. From there you can reach the small village L’Escala in the southern end of the bay via an astounding path alongside the beach. The old town, a former fishing village, offers excellent tapas bars, restaurants, discos and nice, little boutiques.

The bay of Roses has long been well-known amongst windsurfers, and now also amongst kiters. The whole region is a very interesting destination, with numerous attractions and cultural sites. Due to its’ vicinity to the Pyrenees, rafting and canyoning trips can be offered. The message is clear: a thrilling and yet safe spot where everybody can make the most of their time and money, no matter if they are wave freaks, freestylers, freeriders, kiters or kids.





The advantages of a foil are obvious, extreme upwind ability and amazing light wind performance. However finding a foil that is easy to use and stable has been a lot harder, until now! North Kiteboarding created a set up that works in harmony with the rider. The wide stable surface area of the front foil itself also helps to keep the board under control. Both of these attributes combine to provide low take off speeds. Another key feature are the safety rails that connect the front and rear foils. This unique feature makes the North Hydrofoil the safest set up on the market right now! With the perfect amount of volume and width, the board is extremely easy to ride in those moments before you get airborne.

Foil boarding is just about to take off, and with the North Kiteboarding Hydrofoil you can jump aboard for the flight of a lifetime. It will be easier than you think!


The Spot

Golf de Roses is not only a perfect choice for a family vacation but has also a lot to offer for couples and groups. Several sand banks in the water turn the spot into a “semi-shallow water area” with the huge, fine sandy beach sloping gently into the water. In the morning, when the wind is light, the spot is a paradise for kids and beginners. Our motivated professional instructors teach kids from the age of 6 upwards. Light rigs and stable boards make their first attempts “easy-peasy”. Thanks to the cross-onshore wind no one can drift; nevertheless our life boat is always ready. Here, beginners, intermediates and experienced kiters can easily make progress. Signs and buoys clearly mark the windsurfing and kitesurfing areas so that no one gets in each others way. The bathing zone is situated on the left hand side of the windsurf zone.

Children In Golf De Roses

Golf de Roses is the ideal spot for kids instruction, a place where many families make holidays. There is a camping site and appartements/holiday houses very close to the center. The water is shallow for about 50 m. In the mornings there are light winds which offer the perfect weather for kids. The wind is side onshore, that means very safe and the children do not have to be afraid to drift to the open sea.


The Wind In Golf De Roses

In the warmer months, a thermal wind from the southeast is the main wind in the bay of Roses. During the last few years, the southwind “Garbi” has blown more often, and increases the thermal effect. The “Tramontana” from the north normally blows in the cooler months, however, it can also create heavy winds in midsummer for days. In front of the Club Mistral center it blows sideshore from the left. On high days, impressive waves build up near the shore. From May to September, the thermal wind is very reliable. It happens more and more often that the wind turns in the late afternoon to sideshore from the right and reaches up to 6 Beaufort.

Activities In Golf De Roses

Golf De Roses has many different activities on offer for all ages, a perfect destination for the whole family. This is a very active resort, everywhere you look you will see people jogging, mount biking, race biking, swimming and more. This area is also very famous for its 'skydiving' center! You must try this if you have the nerve!

Nightlife In Golf De Roses

In the evening there are many charming restaurants and cafés/bars dotted around within a 10/20 minute car drive away. For those seeking a little more 'action' there are some big night clubs and bars in the nearest main town about a 30 minute drive away.


As a member of the EU there are no entry requirement other than a full UK passport with a full 6 month validity.

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For the type of holiday we chose, this was an excellent choice. The team at Planet Kitesurf clearly listened and understood all our requirements especially accommodation, levels of windsurfing and kitesurfing techniques. Vilacolum is a delightful and very comfortable hotel. Cliff, the owner, is an exquisite host and whilst we were disappointed that his restaurant was not open during our time there, Cliff's very helpful and charming manner made up for the inconvenience of having to drive to a restaurant each night. We had a very nice room with a balcony and nice bathroom. Could have done with a bath tub but wasn't there long enough to really miss it. It is a 15-minute drive from the hotel to the wind and kitesurfing beach. The centre was a superb, professional organisation with excellent, friendly and helpful staff, very good equipment, and excellent tuition. Would definitely book again with Planet. Very pleased indeed.


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