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Breezes Beach Club and Spa, Dongwe, Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Best Kite Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Zanzibar!

  • Stunning island with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters
  • Best wind from December to March and then also from July to September
  • Great location for those looking for a combination of luxury and adventure

Zanzibar Island Resort Overview

Zanzibar is a stunning island with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, making a holiday to Zanzibar the perfect place for relaxation. The South East coast is home to some of the finest beaches in the world, boasting an amazing coral reef that runs the length of the coast and is ideal for snorkelling and diving. In recent years this area has become very popular with Kitesurfers with the best wind from December to March and then also in July - September. There are now a number of hotels in the South East with on-site Kitesurf centers offering all levels of instruction and safety support.

There is so much to see and do in Zanzibar and Tanzania, however it can be quite a complex location to plan independently. Luckily Planet have first-hand experience in this part of the world and we are experts and constructing tailor-made itineraries to fit your interests, budget and time frame.

There is a good range of accommodation in Zanzibar from small boutique beach hotels to luxury resort & spa properties. Zanzibar if a great location for those looking for a combination of luxury and adventure with great kitesurfing!



Kitesurf Spots In Zanzibar

The kitesurf spots are found along the South East coastline. The best areas are in Dongwe, Paje and Jambiani.  Each area is affected by tides and low tide can mean a long walk out to the water.  Advanced and competent kiters can launch and kite in most areas along the coastline, however, Planet would always recommend using one of the reputable and recommended centers based within or close to our highlighted properties, these centers will provide high-quality instruction, kit rentals and rescue/beach services for those that need it. To get to the centers may require a short taxi ride or walk along the beach.

At high tide the conditions are super flat and shallow, making it perfect for beginners, intermediates and advanced kiters alike. There are pockets of seaweed and banks of urchins halfway out to the reef which is approximately 750m - 1km from the shore. We would recommend booties at all times to avoid urchins and small pieces of coral. The seaweed can be negotiated and instructions of how to avoid can be provided from the centers.

At low tide the beginner and intermediate student may be moved up or down the beach to find the most appropriate area to have instruction - it is a considerable drop in tide so lessons can be moved to certain times of the day to accommodate for this. 

Kitesurf Wind Seasons In Zanzibar

The wind season is split into two: mid December to February, which is known as the Kaskasi wind, this normally blows from the North at around 15-18 knots. The Kusini blows from the South to SE from May to October but can start in April. The Kusini is the stronger of the two and blows most days between 15-25 knots but averages between 18-20 knots. It is typically almer in the morning and gets stronger after lunch. The best months are July, August, and September where you can expect excellent wind with greater regularity.

Zanzibar For A Family Kitesurf Holiday

Although Zanzibar is limited for families outside of the 5* resorts it still makes for an amazing beach holiday for a family of any age. The island is safe and welcoming, the 5* resorts will provide kids clubs and/or child care (arranged locally).  Most of the water sports centers will have child-friendly services and for those teens/young adults, the conditions for learning to kite are ideal so it is definitely suitable for families of all ages wanting to enjoy the sport together.  


The Nightlife In Zanzibar

Many of the evening activities revolve around sipping on a well deserved "sundowner" before indulging in some of the great local food cooked on an open barbeque underneath the stars or served in a stunning hotel restaurant. Needless to say, Zanzibar is not a destination for those seeking a lively club scene! There are lively nights but normally limited to the hotel and who happens to be in the resort at the time.  Anticipate slow, relaxed evenings, within stunning surroundings.

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