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Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, Soma Bay, Egypt

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Valid for stays between 02 jun 2022 to 19 jul 2022

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Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, Soma Bay, Egypt

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Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, Soma Bay, Egypt

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Best Kite Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Soma Bay!

  • Year round sunshine and mild tempatures
  • White sandy beaches and panoramic views of desert mountains
  • Great wind reliability and a huge lagoon

Holidays In Soma Bay Overview

Soma Bay is a luxury holidays resort on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt at 45 kilometres south of Hurghada International Airport, the ten million square meters, self-contained community of Soma Bay is surrounded on all sides by the sea. It boasts year round sunshine and mild temperatures. Unique to Soma Bay are its white sandy beaches and panoramic views of desert mountains. The resort offers a combination of a high standard of hotels and a quiet relaxing location. The resort is split into 2 areas: Abu Soma (to the south of the main bay) and Soma Bay (the main resort on the north side). Soma Bay is a secluded spot for those wishing to just relax in luxury if not on the water. However, there are a variety of excursions, tours and day trips to the interior of this fascinating country. Egypt is probably the oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 years ago. This Gift of the Nile, as described by Herodotus, boasts a longer recorded history than any other country on earth. 

The Kitesurfing In Soma Bay

Soma Bay is one of the very best kitesurf locations in Egypt due to is wind reliability and huge kitesurf lagoon. There exact kitesurf spot will depend on which side of the lagoon you are based, although all areas are accessible by a short boat ride or even within kiting distance. 

The Abu Soma southern side of the lagoon offers arguably the best conditions with side to side-onshore wind and easy access to a good-sized waist high areas in the bay that is perfect for beginners. On the Soma Bay northern part of the lagoon the wind is off-shore meaning that the conditions can be a bit
gusty directly off the shore. Even though it is off shore wind here it is still very safe as the worst case is you end up on a beach the other side of the lagoon. 

Both areas offer super flat conditions although the up wind bay has the added benefit of super clean wind. This spot is just amazing for beginners and intermediate looking to build confidence.

Planet Kitesurf only work with the very best kitesurf centres in Soma Bay and we have years of experience selling this resort. As part of your booking process we will take into account your kitesurfing level, general holiday requirements and budget and ensure we locate you in the correct area and hotel. That is just one of the benefits or booking with Planet Travel.


The Wind In Soma Bay

There is wind throughout the year, with some of the best in the summer. However, as Soma Bay also enjoys at least 1 Beaufort more than Hurghada further up the coast, it is a popular spot throughout the year. In the summer months, from May to October, the average wind is around 22 knots with the afternoons sometimes getting up to 25 / 30 (especially in September)! 


Soma Bay does not have a town so this is a hotel based holiday. Safaga is the closest town but has very little to offer in the evenings, so if you feel the need for bright lights, then head for Hurghada.


UK / EU passport holders should have a full 10 year passport valid until at least 6 months after date of return. Other passport holders please check with Egyptian Embassy. You will require a full Egypt visa for entry into Hurghada. The easiest way to get it is on arrival at Hurghada Airport. It can also be obtained in advance from the Egyptian Embassy.

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See What Our Clients Say

Just back from The Breakers at Soma Bay. Excellent kiting set up and had a great time there. Would recommend it to others. Worth noting that the vast majority of guests at the hotel tend to be from Germany, very few from the UK. Not an issue at all and allowed me to practice my (rather poor) German. May be useful for those travelling alone to be aware just to set expectations. Thanks for the recommendation and helping arrange. Everything worked very smoothly, I had a fab time and now have the qualifications needed to rent kit and get out on the water.


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