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Why you'll love kitesurfing in Dominican-republic!

  • Consistent and reliable winds all year round for all kitesurfing levels
  • The Dominican Republic is one of the world's most geographically diverse areas including mangrove swamps, desert expanses, alpine ranges and tropical rainforests

Kitesurfing holidays in the Dominican Republic will lead you to discover that this country has become one of the top destinations for watersport enthusiasts. Kiting conditions in Cabarete, a small village in the northern part of the Dominican Republic are unmatched. Long stretches of beaches, consistent and reliable winds make it a perfect destination for kitesurfing. The Dominican Republic is one of the world's most geographically diverse areas; it has everything from desert expanses and mangrove swamps to alpine ranges and tropical rainforests. These natural gifts offer superb adventure travel and eco-tourism options.

Except in the central mountains, temperatures don’t vary much in the Dominican Republic, averaging a summery 81ºF (28ºC) to 87ºF (31ºC) in most places for much of the year. Tropical humidity can make the temperatures feel higher, though sea breezes help mitigate the effect. The rainy season is May to October, though in Samaná and on the north coast it can last until December. August and September constitute hurricane season. The main foreign tourist seasons are December to February and July to August and Semana Santa (the week before Easter). Expect higher prices and more crowded beaches at these times – Semana Santa is especially busy. February has great weather and you can enjoy Carnaval and the whales in Samaná. November is good, too – you will miss the whales but catch baseball season.

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Best for - Beginner (8/10), improver (8/10), Intermediate (10/10), Intermediate (10/10), waves (8/10), Advance (7/10)

What makes Cabarete one of the best kitesurfing destinations is the combination of flat water, excellent wave riding, and 'downwinders'. Alongside the endless list of non wind activities. Cabarete is typically Caribbean with long sandy beaches and warm clear seas. Apart from the Dominican Republic being a well known holiday destination, it is also famous for having the second best coffee in the world, typically grown on the most mountainous island in the Caribbean. Natural beauty is never far away on this beautifully unspoiled island with excursions such as, mountain biking and viewing cascading waterfalls.
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