If You Want To Discover One Of The Most Mystical And Beautiful Environments Of The World Greece Is The Perfect Destination. Its Cities And Landscapes Reflects Centuries Of History And Knowledge; And The Mediterranean Passion Is Present In Every Single Place. Greece Is Surrounded By Two Seas, The Aegean And The Ionian And The Wind Conditions Are Appropriated For The Practice Of kitesurfing. There's Several Spots Spread Along The Coast And All Of Them Enjoy Reliable Wind Conditions For All Year kitesurfing; Flat Shallow Waters And White Sand Beaches Will Make Visitors Want Time To Standstill. From Planet kitesurf Holidays We Will Advise You About The Best Spots And Journeys For Your kitesurfing Holidays In Greece.

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Why You'll love Kite Surfing in Greece!

  • Kos is a short direct flight from many European destinations
  • A great family destination with a range of good beachfront hotels with excellent kids clubs
  • The predominant on shore wind direction makes it possible to ride the shoreline all the the way along the beach

Did you know...

The number of tourists visiting Greece each year outway the total population of the country. The capital city of Athens is one of Europe's oldest city and the birthplace of democracy. Not surprisingly, Greece is the planet's third-leading producer of olives and around 7% of the world's marble comes from Greece.

Prasonisi in a small wind haven at the very far south of the Island of Rhodes, approximately a 1 and a half hour drive from Rhodes airport. This resort is dedicated to kitesurfers and windsurfers with very reliable strong wind, super centres with the very latest equipment, and both super flat water and small waves spot right next to each other. Prasonisi is the ideal resort for those who want to spend as much time on the water as possible as that is the only reason people stay here! The accommodations are quite basic, but ideally located right on the beach, and in a totally unspoilt area of this beautiful island. There are no swimming pools, bars or other resort facilities that come with the more general holiday resorts. However, for the windsurfer or kitesurfer this place is absolute heaven!
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Kos is located north of Rhodes, close to Turkey and has long been a popular summer holiday destination but there is also some good kitesurfing in Kos. The area of Psaldi, about 10 minutes drive east of Kos town, has the best kitesurfing on Kos Island due to the best wind direction and consistent wind.

This area of Kos is best suited to couples as there are some very nice boutique hotels within a short drive of the kitesurf centre. Kos also offer a perfect location for a non-kitesurfing partner with plenty of great places to eat out and visit in the very picturesque Kos Town.

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Situated 12 km southwestern to Rhodes Town, the village is actually one of the biggest settlements of the island, attracting its visitors especially because of the long sandy Kremasti beach as well for Valley of Butterflies nearby. Kremasti, is constant cross-shore winds, makes it the best kiteboarding - kitesurfing hotspots in the area.

The beach is simply lovely - a picturesque stretch of golden sands and little pebbles extended 10 more kilometers along the western coast with amazing blue waters.

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The island of Kos in Greece is located just next to Rhodes Island, close to Turkey which you can see just across the water. The island is relatively small taking no more than an hour to drive from one side to the other. Kos town is very picturesque with plenty of charming traversers hidden away in it’s tree lined streets. There are some more ‘touristic’ areas in Kos but these are easily avoided. 
Kos is a superb destination for a Mediterranean Kitesurf holiday as it offers a short direct flight from many European airports, plus an easy transfer to your hotel.
Marmari is located just to the south west if Kos town by around 20 minutes drive. Marmari is best suited to a family Kitesurf holiday with a range of good beach front hotels with excellent kids clubs and facilities for younger children. For couples there are also some very stylish boutique hotels with fanatic spas
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Discover unspoilt Limnos, with its beautiful beaches and traditional villages set away from the mass tourism of other Greek islands. Chill out in the evenings with the locals, enjoying the warm ambience of Greek taverns which serve delicious traditional cuisine. The flight to Limnos takes just 2-3 hours from most major European cities while the island can also be reached via ferry, making it an easily accessible holiday destination.

Limnos is a lovely Greek Island, positioned in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Limnos is the 8th largest island of Greece, spreading over 477 square metres. Its main city and seat of the municipality is Myrina which has a harbour and is a trade center. On the island are to be found approximately 30 villages and settlements, as well as the only desert in Europe. The island of Limnos has preserved itself from the mass tourism and today it is a safe, friendly and quiet place. The locals are very hospitable and the natural surroundings are simple and pleasant. The island is ideal for family vacations and for relaxation on the beach.

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