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Oman Kitesurf Holidays Masirah Island

Masirah Island is a jewel in the Arabian Ocean. Oman ‘s largest island, it is home to 12,000 inhabitants and is located about 18km from the mainland on the east coast of the Sultanate. Here you find a combination of perfect conditions in various spots including countless breathtaking beaches with flat water and waves. You will meet friendly, curious and helpful people who have kept their peaceful and traditional culture alive in this microcosmos. You will come as a tourist and you will leave the island as a friend. Fishing is the main business on the island and in the centre of the town of Ras Hilf you can buy freshly caught fish at the souq or stroll through a small bazaar, haggle with the sellers and experience the traditional lifestyle.

Masirah Island is reached by way of a six-hour drive from Muscat through the mountain passes and desert wilderness, followed by a 45 minute ferry over to the island. This serious travel effort may be daunting for some but Masirah Island is definitely worth it. The island can’t be reached by plane yet, so we would include 4x4 car rental in your tour. Having your own rental car also provides the flexibility to explore all the different spots on your own and creates an extra value for your holiday. You will also need a car to get to the kite lagoon each day from the Masirah Island Hotel.

Kitesurfing At Masirah Island

Masirah Island offers one of the best flat water kitesurfing spots in the world. A unique “playground” for those looking for the perfect spot with perfect conditions. Monsoon season is during summer on Masirah Island, bringing with it extremely reliable winds during these summer months. The season kicks off in May/June and lasts through until September. You can look forward to 20 to 45 knots of wind daily from the south. This cross-shore wind hits the huge flat lagoon on the island's west coast, creating kitesurfing heaven. The monsoon keeps the daytime temperatures lower than elsewhere in Oman during sweltering summer - even if the mainland of Oman heats up to 55 degrees, Masirah offers pleasant temperatures between 24 and 38 degrees in summer. For those looking for a true and authentic destination with an Arabic culture, unspoiled spots and great sunshine, Masirah Island is it. 

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