.Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon, is in Southern Asia. It is an island country in the Indian Ocean, south of India. A small teardrop that falls from the great Indian subcontinent, it's a colourful and chaotic, diverse and devoted country - where Buddhism and an infatuation with the national cricket team take precedent. The ‘Island of Serendipity' - as Sri Lanka is known - has been on the tourist trail for some time. And yet the bounteous enthusiasm of its local communities and the immensity of its cultural and historical treasures make even luxury Sri Lankan holidays feel like real exploration. 

The areas that can be visited pack enough into your itinerary to keep you happy for weeks. There is nothing that you "Can't Do" in Sri Lanka and there is variety of things that you can do depending on your preference. Beautiful beaches abound, especially around the southern coast. Steamy tropical rain forests are home to elephants, leopards, dugong and migratory birds. 
The cities offer a glimpse into the influence of Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial times; Galle presents the finest example of an old Dutch fort, whilst the profusion of cricket pitches is the best indicator of Britain's legacy...


Sri Lanka has a tropical climate : hot and humid weather year round. Temperatures average around 30 °C during the day, slightly more at the coast, slightly lower more inland. In the mountains it can get a bit chilly though. Rainfall is possible year round, but is higher during the April to June and September to December period. January-February and July-August are somewhat drier.

The Entry Requirement

With effect from 1st January 2012, all Holiday or Business travelers to Sri Lanka must have Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for entering in to Sri Lanka. Please visit for more information.


There are no vaccinations legally required to travel to Sri Lanka. There is one exception though. You need a yellow fever vaccination if you have travelled to a country where that disease is widely prevalent during the year before your travel in Sri Lanka.


The Sri Lankan rupee (Rs) is the official currency. Coins come in denominations 50 cents, Rs1, Rs2, Rs5, Rs10; notes in denominations of Rs10, Rs20, Rs50. Rs100, Rs500, Rs1000, Rs2000, Rs5000.
You can find cash-machin in many urban centres, though much rarer in rural areas. Be wary of using credit cards as fraud has been reported and is on the rise. Always withdraw money from a national bank. 

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