Holidays In The Turks And Caicos Islands

A British Crown Colony the Turks & Caicos Islands lie beyond the South eastern tip of the Bahamas chain. Only eight of its 30 islands and cays are inhabited. The Caicos Islands, including Providenciales, sit atop the Caicos bank. They are separated from the Turks Islands by the 48 Km wide, 2,000 metres deep, Turks Island Passage, also known as the Columbus Passage, which links the Atlantic with the Caribbean. This passage serves as a major route for migrating Humpback Whales between December and April.


The average temperature ranges around 30 degrees celsius from June to October, sometimes reaching 35 degrees celsius, especially in the late summer months. From November to May the average temperature is 27-29 degrees celsius. Water temperature in the summer is 28-29 degrees celsius and in winter about 23-26 degrees celsius. A constant trade wind keeps the climate at a very comfortable level.
There is an annual rainfall of 21 inches on Grand Turk and South Caicos, but as you go further west the average rainfall could increase to 40 inches. In an average year the Turks and Caicos has 350 days of sunshine.
Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30th.

Things To Do In Turks And Caicos Islands

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The Casablanca Casino is Providenciales' only live casino, featuring several live gaming tables and the Casablanca Lounge and Bar.

Travel Health For Turks And Caicos

Ask your travel health expert (e.g. GP, practice nurse or travel clinic) to provide you with up to date information and vaccines to ensure your travels are safe and enjoyable. It is vital to ensure that all members of your party have adequate health and travel insurance cover, which includes cover for any ‘higher risk’ activities you are likely to take part in.


The Turks and Caicos are unique as a British-dependent territory with the US dollar as its official currency. 
Foreign currency can be changed at banks in Provo and Grand Turk, which can also issue credit-card advances and have ATMs. Major credit cards are widely accepted in the Caicos and Grand Turk. However, credit cards are not widely accepted for small transactions in the more remote cays and islands.

The Entry Requirement

You will need to ensure you have correct documentation for your holiday including a full passport valid for the minimum period beyond your planned return date. You may also require a visa.

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