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Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Spain!

  • Sotavento has long been regarded as an excellent kitesurf destination with extremely reliable wind
  • Only a short flight from the UK
  • Super flat shallow lagoons to full on wave riding spots

Did you know...

Spain is set to be one of the home's of modern art with Gaudi, Picasso and Dalí all hailing from this country. Spain is the fourth most visited country in the world with its festivals attracting thousands of visitors. On that note, a fun fact is that more than 150,000 tomatoes are usually thrown at La Tomatina each year!

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands, although one of the least developed. The Island has some stunning topography including vast sand dunes, huge golden beaches and breathtaking volcanic scenery in the interior. Broadly speaking most of the best beaches are along the East coast, the rugged West coast is more rocky and open to the swell of the Atlantic (great for surfing). The North is where you will find the main tourist resort of Corralejo, in the South East you will find some quieter beach resorts (including the windsurf resorts of Costa Calma and Sotavento). Corralejo, being the main tourist hub of the island, has a lot of amenities in the way of restaurants, bars and shopping. In some areas in central Corralejo it can be a little '18-30', but these areas are easily avoided.


You arrive at the airport in Puerto Rosario and head North to Corralejo (25 minutes), by pre arranged private transfer, or car hire. Generally it is a good idea to have car hire although this is not necessary. Fuerteventura and the Canaries are are great year around kitesurf holiday destination within easy reach of the UK (around 3.5 hours flight), and a lot of other European departure points. This is one of the most wind reliable short-haul windsurf holiday destinations from March to September, but it can also be great in the winter months, just not quite as 'guaranteed' wind.

A kitesurf holiday to Corralejo in Fuerteventura is suitable for all levels and holiday types, including families, singles and couples, of all kitesurf abilities. Kitesurf beginners are taught by boat in flat water with plenty of space. For the improver or independent kitesurfer there is a very long and stunning kitesurf beach, plus some small and easy waves if you want it. This really is a great kitesurf holiday location to satisfy a wide range of abilities.

As with all of our location we are meticulous about which accommodation we work with, and will only suggest properties that we have personally inspected and know to be good. In Corralejo we have a superb collection of properties to include a stunning deluxe beach resort, spacious families villas and a 'cool' boutique hotel in the centre of town. A Planet kitesurf holiday expert can guide you to the best property for your budget and specific requirements should you decide to contact us.

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Compared to the rest of the Costa Brava, the huge, fine sandy bay of Roses is very spacious, and by far the windiest spot on the Catalan coast. Located in the south of the bay of Roses, not far from the Club Mistral centre, is the medieval village of Sant Marti d’Empuries with its’ famous archaeological sites. From there you can reach the small village L’Escala in the southern end of the bay via an astounding path alongside the beach. The old town, a former fishing village, offers excellent tapas bars, restaurants, discos and nice, little boutiques.

The bay of Roses has long been well-known amongst windsurfers, and now also amongst kiters. The whole region is a very interesting destination, with numerous attractions and cultural sites. Due to its’ vicinity to the Pyrenees, rafting and canyoning trips can be offered. The message is clear: a thrilling and yet safe spot where everybody can make the most of their time and money, no matter if they are wave freaks, freestylers, freeriders, kiters or kids.





The advantages of a foil are obvious, extreme upwind ability and amazing light wind performance. However finding a foil that is easy to use and stable has been a lot harder, until now! North Kiteboarding created a set up that works in harmony with the rider. The wide stable surface area of the front foil itself also helps to keep the board under control. Both of these attributes combine to provide low take off speeds. Another key feature are the safety rails that connect the front and rear foils. This unique feature makes the North Hydrofoil the safest set up on the market right now! With the perfect amount of volume and width, the board is extremely easy to ride in those moments before you get airborne.

Foil boarding is just about to take off, and with the North Kiteboarding Hydrofoil you can jump aboard for the flight of a lifetime. It will be easier than you think!


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Tarifa is a small very charming Old Town at the most southerly point of Spain, close to Gibraltar, with a stunning beach stretching out for around 10 km from the town. Tarifa Is one of the most famous spots for kitesurfing in Europe due to its year round incredible wind reliability. One downside of its reputation during the peak summer Is that months from June to August the main kitesurf beaches are crammed. During this period the region is best time avoided if you are not comfortable picking your way through 100's of other kiters, or you can travel Further Along the cost to quieter locations.

One of the big attractions of Tarifa is the shorts distance from the UK, the amazing atmosphere both on the beach and in the Old Town as well as some of the best nightlife and food in the region.

If you are looking to travel to Tarfia on a budget there are a huge amount of apartments to be found Easily Online. However, there are only a handfull of quality beach front hotels and high standard apartments in the Old Town, most of which can be booked at excellent prices via Planet. Planet Kitesurf have been arranging kitesurf holidays to Tarifa for over 12 years so we have a huge experience in this region.

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Southern Fuerteventura is one of the windiest locations in the Canary Island due to the geography of the land and mountains inland, creating the 'venturi' effect, like a bottle nose, accelerating the wind out over the beach. The wind here blows all year but is especially extremely strong on the summer months.

There are really three main kitesurfing areas in Southern Fuerteventura, being Costa Calma (the main tourist area with many hotels and a superb kitesurf centre), Sotavento (home to one of the largest kitesurf schools in the world, but perhaps not the best service) and Risco Del Paso (a more isolated kitesurf spot but with far less gusty conditions that Sotavento). This really is an amazing Kitesurf location, with the kitesurf schools all at a very high standard stocking the latest range of equipment.

It is best to call Planet Kitesurf Holidays if you are not sure which location is best for you, and we can walk you through the location. As always our advice is unbiased and honest based on over 20 years arranging windsurf holidays to Fuerteventura.

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