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Fate has put Turkey at the junction of two continents. As a land bridge, a meeting point and a battleground, it has seen peoples moving in both directions between Europe and Asia throughout recorded history. That human traffic has left monuments and debris, dynasties and lasting cultural legacies, all of which have contributed to the character of modern Turkey, a premier kitesurfing destination. On the Aegean Sea, Alacati and Gokova provide consistent year-round winds and a large flat, shallow coastal area; perfect for kitesurfing. Home to some of the ancient wonders of the world; expect to be amazed by Apollo’s Temple and Miletos which are right by some of the kitesurfing locations. You can also visit the ancient cities or take daily boat trips around the numerous bays and islands.

For meteorologists, Turkey has seven distinct climatic regions, but from the point of view of most casual visitors, the most important distinctions are between the coast with its moderate winter temperatures and hot, humid summers, and the inland areas with their extremely cold winters and excessively hot summers. Spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) are the best times to visit, since the climate will be perfect for sightseeing in Istanbul and on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and it will be cool in central Anatolia. If your primary drive is for beach-bumming, mid-May to September is perfect for the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, if a little steamy out of the water.

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By the middle of May untill the end of September the well known “Meltemi” blows from the north. Generally the air flow is moderate in the morning time and growths during the afternoon. In spring and autumn, the commanding wind comes from a southerly direction. The “Poiras” blows sideshore from the right hand. At this time, nice small waves break in the bay. Even on days with strong wind, beginners and intermediates can enjoy soften wind conditions from the morning to the sunset.

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