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Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Union Island!

  • Perhaps the most beautiful destination in the entire Caribbean
  • Good accommodation options for a luxury kitesurf holiday
  • Other islands in the archipelago are so close that you can kitesurf to them throughout your kitesurf holiday

Kitesurfing In The Grenadines

Located in the south Caribbean, between the well known islands of St Lucia and Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines is an independent island-country constituted of St Vincent, the main island  and the Grenadines archipelago. Without a doubt the island are amongst the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean.

Union island with its breathtaking scenery and perfectly clear water truly has become a kitesurfing holiday paradise. Located in the middle of the Grenadines, Union Island benefits from it's own airport which has daily flights from bigger Caribbean Islands like St Lucia and Barbados, along with a good standard of accommodation for a luxury kitesurf holiday.

Other islands in the archipelago are so close that you can kitesurf to them throughout your kitesurf holiday, or stay on another island and be picked up daily by the centre, for kitesurfing on Union Island. Kitesurfing tours are available to many of the islands, including Mayreau, and the unbelievable Tobago Cays. Boat charters are very common in the Grenadines, with plenty of places to moor up, and so many stunning places to discover. 

Kitesurf Conditions In The Grenadines

The best time for wind in the Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is from December until the end of June. Throughout this period the wind is really reliable, with 90% of the month blowing between 17 and 24 knots.

The kitesurfing here is perfect for everyone, with butter flat shallow water absolutely idea for beginners, freestyle, and speed. There is also a variety of wave spots around the Grenadines which are great for wave riding, but also for surfing on light wind days. Our centre on Union Island run trips to all the wave spots for surfing and kitesurfing, they will accompany you on kite trips to find the waves.

The Kitesurfing Spots In The Grenadines

The kitesurf school runs trips to the following locations, and can tailor make tours specific for you.

Mayreau - A neighbouring island located a short boat trip from Union Island. The spot on Mayreau is called Salt Whistle Bay and is a favored anchor spot among sailors visiting The Grenadines. A thin sand spit is separating the bay where the boat anchors from the kite spot. This makes it an excellent spot to bring non kiting friends and partners; they can relax in the calm bay protected from the wind, while you kite on the other side, just 10 meters away. The kiting bay is protected by a reef, and has waves on the outside, and small kickers to play with on the inside. Sometimes when there are fewer sailboats, experienced riders can also ride in Salt Whistle Bay on the flat water section. If you would like, there is the option to leave earlier, and you can downwind with your kite while the captain follows in the boat for safety.

Tobago Cays - Here you are guaranteed to see big leatherback turtles when snorkeling, in addition to a rich sea life, beautiful fish of all colours and sizes, and majestic rays floating by. The kiting area is a beautiful, huge lagoon of the clearest shades of blue. A Kite trip to the Tobago Cays when in the Grenadines is an absolute must! A combined tour of starting in the Cays, downwinding to Mayrau, kiting there, and then downwinding to Union is possible. Remember: Kiteboarding in the Cays is restricted, and it is important to respect the launch zones and rules. The rangers are there every day, making sure the rules are followed.

Frigate - A flat water spot located in Ashton, the other village on Union Island.  The wind here blows offshore over a walkway, created when the construction of a Marina started. The construction is now abandoned, but it created an amazing playground for kiters. The spot is easiest accessed by boat, and a boat is needed for safety since the wind is offshore and the next spot is South America…..It only takes 10 minutes by boat to get to Frigate, you can choose to go for a half day, or full day. It is recommended to go downwind to Frigate from our main spot on the Anchorage beach while the captain follows you in the boat, because the downwind through the turquoise lagoon is truly amazing.

Big Sand (Union Island) - Big sand is the best spot for wave riding on Union Island. A wide beach of white sand with blue waves of varying size depending on the swell. The wind is side-shore and the waves are easy. On no wind days Big Sand is a good spot to learn surfing.

Palm Island - Kite like a millionaire on Palm island! This private island has some of the best wave spots of the Grenadines on the reef surrounding it.

Nightlife On Union Island

Although the Island is small, and very typically Caribbean with a mellow vibe, there are loads of restaurants on the islands, and bars playing live music throughout the week. The island does have a nightclub which stays open late, and plays upbeat music. However the best nightlife of all is when the centre throws a full moon party, which they do for every full moon. They have the events sponsored for cheap drinks, and ensure there is always a good crowd. Easter is also a lively time on the island, with lots of people from the surrounding islands joining together on union island, for a week of partying.

Kids In Union Island

There's not many off the water activities for kids, however, if they love the water the centre has 5 Optimist (oppies) kids sailing boats which they can play around in all day, and is a great way for kids to learn the basics of sailing. There is also snorkelling for kids, and if they are old enough they can learn to kitesurf.

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