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C Mauritius, Belle Mare, Mauritius

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Valid for stays between 30 sep 2022 to 22 dec 2022

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C Mauritius, Belle Mare, Mauritius

30% discount

Valid for stays between 23 dec 2022 to 06 jan 2023

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C Mauritius, Belle Mare, Mauritius

40% Tactical Offer

Valid for stays between 29 may 2022 to 29 sep 2022

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C Mauritius, Belle Mare, Mauritius

40% Tactical Offer

Valid for stays between 30 sep 2022 to 22 dec 2022

Offer expires in 177 days Show Me

Maritim Crystal Beach, Belle Mare, Mauritius

15% Long-Stay Offer

Valid for stays between 24 apr 2022 to 04 jan 2023

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Best Kite Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Belle Mare!

  • A wide variety of water sports on offer such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP and surfing
  • Excellent choice of downwind trips with crystal clear waters and clean waves
  • Kitesurfing conditions suit beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Belle Mare Kitesurf Holiday Overview

On the east coast of Mauritius, 1km south from Belle Mare village, lays the picturesque beach Palmar. Palmar, like Le Morne on the south coast, is world renowned for being an incredibly beautiful beach offering a wide variety of watersports. Both destinations are must see kitesurf, SUP, and surf destinations. The kiting at Belle Mare offers beautifully flat and uncrowded water inside a closed turquoise lagoon with no currents or boat traffic. 

What sets the east coast of Mauritius apart from many other destinations is the variety of organised downwinders. The east coast is the perfect place to go on a downwinder as the combination of flat water and waves to kite on throughout the journey, along with the crystal clear waters will keep you mesmerised.

Planet Kitesurf are absolute specialists for Mauritius kitesurfing holidays. We strongly recommend speaking to one of our Mauritius travel experts today. 

Belle Mare Downwinders

The east coast is packed with unforgettable downwinder possibilities. You will be treated to kiting over thrilling waves, past temples and old fishing villages and you will see many other beautiful sights along the way.

There are a variety of downwinder options available when visiting Belle Mare (Palmar), all of which are guided by instructors who know every part of the journey. Also, a boat accompanies your group which takes you either there or back and is on hand to help if any problems occur.

Other Activities Available In Belle Mare

As well as being passionate about kitesurfing, the centre we work with also offers SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) which complements kitesurfing perfectly! SUP is perfect for those early mornings with little or no wind, no wind days, or SUP downwinders. The nearby waves are perfect for learning to wave ride, and being the only SUP centre in the area, the waves are all yours!

Along with waves and downwinders, there are also numerous flat water SUP excursions on offer, which are perfect for the whole family. There is a SUP fitness instructor onsite who runs SUP fitness classes which involves combining the powerful fitness benefits of balancing on a SUP with other exercises such as, Pilates and Yoga. Speak to us today about combining a kitesurf holiday with a SUP holiday, the itineraries are outstanding. 

There are a variety of activities such as hiking, canyoning, climbing, tennis, horse riding, trekking and mountain biking available around the east coast of Mauritius. Also, there are many world-class golf courses in Mauritius, one, in particular, is only a short paddleboard ride away from our centre. Deep-sea fishing is another day activity that is very popular in Mauritius. With species including Blue or Black Marvin, yellow tuna, the Bonitos, the ‘Emperor’, the Prelerin, the Becure and Barracuda there is always something interesting to try and catch.

The Weather On The East Coast Of Mauritius

There are only two seasons in Mauritius, Summer and Winter. The warmest months are December, January, and February, with July being the coolest of the year. Summer starts November and lasts until April, when winter takes over and stays until October.

The weather is lovely and warm throughout the year. Winter in Mauritius is the dry season and the temperatures are very comfortable, ranging from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius. The summer months tend to be a lot wetter with temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Kids Activities In Belle Mare

The sheer amount of flat water is ideal if kids want to learn some, or all, of the watersports on offer. The luxury hotels have excellent Kids Clubs and amenities that they will enjoy on a daily basis. The east coast is a really friendly and child orientated place.

The Nightlife In Belle Mare

The nightlife in Belle Mare (Palmar) is quite limited and offer a small selection of restaurants. However, Troup dEau Douce, a few miles up the coast, is livelier and you can find a wide variety of bars and more people out for the night. On the other hand, the island is not that large (300km coastline), and if you hire a car you can go wherever you like for the evenings. Speak to people whilst you are there to get the very best up-to-date local recommendations for buzzing bars, superb restaurants, and lively clubs.

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