Recommended Hotels in Union Island

Guide price based on one week flight inclusive package per person (UK flights & airport transfers or car hire where needed). Other european and world wide flights available. Sports prices are additional as required (see sports center pages for more on this).

  • HOTEL in union island

    3* Kitesurf Catamaran

    Union Island From £2299
    Experience a succession of amazing kite spots in the Grenadines and fully engage in the authentic caribbean lifestyle by spending your kitesurf holiday sailing through the paradisiacal Grenadines! This way you can wake up in an uncrowded spot and just cruise, try some flat water tricks or sur...
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  • HOTEL in union island

    4* Palm Island Resort

    Union Island From £2900
    The Palm Island resort is located on it's own private island, just a few miles away from Union Island, where the kite centre is. The kite launch from here can be challenging, and the best option is to be picked up here by the centre, who will do so happily at any time, and then downwind back h...
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