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The Island of Boa Vista, Portuguese for 'Good View', has the most stunningly beautiful beaches on the Cape Verde archipelago, covering a staggering 55km. Most of the accommodations are generously spread out along the West Coast of the island reaching out from the town of Sal Rae over a 10km stretch. 

Planet kitesurf only works with the best hotels on Boa Vista from small locally run charming apartments to large beach front All Inclusive resorts. Our recommendation, unless you have specific requirements for 4* all inclusive hotels, is to stay in one of the smaller hotels which are a short stroll into town and also to the Kitesurf centre.

The water conditions here offer the only flat water spot on the island due to the cross off-shore wind direction) as well as easy access to waves if you need. If you are an advanced rider, and looking for waves, we can also use some for the All Inclusive beach resorts but the conditions are limiting. 

It is very important when booking a holiday to Boa Vista to get the right location for your level to avoid a bad experience. Planet have are experts in travel to the Cape Verde Islands so we will do our best to make sure our clients get the best hotel for the budget and kitesurf needs.

The Island of Boa Vista has amazing variety of water conditions from perfect waves to butter flat water. We offer a private guide service which is the best way to kitesurf Boa Vista. You will be taken each day in a 4x4 to the best spot on the island for the wind direction, waves or what every you prefer. You will even have a lunch barbeque prepared for you on the beach. Call for more details on this.

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Expert opinion (Posted by Marcus)

I have been to Boa Vista in Cape Verde 3 times now and I plan to go back again when I get the chance. It is very hard these days to find such a beautiful location away from any mass tourism but yet so easy to get too. In a way I feel like we should not be promoting this special island too much in case it gets spoilt but it is just too good to keep to ourselves!

Kitesurf spot on Boa Vista

There are 3 main Kitesurf spots on Boa Vista depending on whether you are a beginner kitesurfer or more independent.

Kite Lagoon – a small kitesurf lagoon where is it possible to hold some lessons but due to it's size Planet now offer lessons in the main flat water spot with safety boat support which offers much more space and faster progression. If you want to kitesurf this lagoon it is easily accessed but can very quickly get full with 2 or 3 kiters.

Flat Water Spot  Sal Rei close to the town of Sal Rei there is our main Planet Kitesurf Centre, just a short walk from some of our hotels. The cross off shore wind from here is quite gusty so new for winter 2013 / 14 Planet now have a new 'satellite centre' 15 minutes walk down the beach, where the wind is much better and still flat water condition. This area is protected by a smaller island which blocks the waves that are found everywhere else on the island and ensures no shore break. As the wind here is cross off shore kitesurfers using this spot withouit a course should be IKO level III and above ideally - confident up wind riding. There is safety cover if you need it but we only provide 1 free rescue per week with our storage service.

Wave Spot – there are many wave spots around the island but the main area around 4 - 6 km down the beach from the main kitesurf centre. If you want to stay at a hotel with waves directly from the beach then we recommend the Boa Vista Iberostar Hotel as the best choice or the Parque Das Dunas.

Other Spots – there are at least 4 other amazing wave kitesurf locations around Boa Vista between 1 to 2 hours drive from the hotels. Planet can provide the use of a local expert spot guide with 4x4 pick-up to take you and your gear to the best location each day depending on your level (including a local knowledge secret spot!). Please ask for more details on this are the time of booking enquiry. This service is also great for groups. 

The wind and weather In Boa Vista

Boa Vista windy season is caused when the northern trade winds drop to the southern hemisphere, making Boa Vista a very windy place between October and April. The Cape Verde Islands have the wind which leaves the Canary islands like Fuerteventura for the winter, which is why their seasons are opposite.

Despite the Island being deep in the Atlantic ocean the water is actually quite warm so 3mm shorty is al that is needed, especially in the shallow flat water spot which tends to be warmer than the wave sports

The Nightlife In Boa Vista

The nightlife in Boa Vista revolves mainly around listening to live music, dining out, and relaxing in bars. The night scene is pretty relaxed as the island is not very developed. Dining out in the evening, you can expect to pay between £13 - £20 for a three course meal with wine. Many restaurants serve fantastic fresh seafood, along with other local specialities.

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Luxury Hotel 07/10
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Spa 03/10

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