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The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!

Psalidi Kitesurf Holiday Resort Overview

Kos is located north of Rhodes, close to Turkey and has long been a popular summer holiday destination but there is also some good kitesurfing in Kos. The area of Psaldi, about 10 minutes drive east of Kos town, has the best kitesurfing on Kos Island due to the best wind direction and consistent wind.

This area of Kos is best suited to couples as there are some very nice boutique hotels within a short drive of the kitesurf centre. Kos also offer a perfect location for a non-kitesurfing partner with plenty of great places to eat out and visit in the very picturesque Kos Town.

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Expert opinion (Posted by Marcus)

Kos is a great short haul resort for families and couples looking for an easy and reliable windurf holiday. If you are happy with car hire then there are some stunning 5* properties just a short drive to the windsurf and Kitesurf beaches.  

The Kitesurfing in Kos, Psalidi

The Kitesurfing beach in Kos is a perfect location with a wide sandy beach (very coarse sand) and side to side on sore wind from the left. The water here is quite flat and not as choppy as other areas on Kos. There is a very good kitesurf school by the spot so we can offer a full range of beginner or progression courses. 

Due to the location of the kitesurf beach Planet will provide a car with your kitesurf holiday to Kos for the short drive from your chosen hotel to the kitesurf school in Psalidi.

The Wind In Psalidi

The wind at our partner windsurf and kitesurf centre in Psalidi is side to side-off shore from the left wit the best period from June to early October. On a normal day the wind tends to be lighter in the morning (perfect for beginners and kids), dropping a bit for midday (handy for a lunch break !) before building for strong wind conditions in the afternoon until sun down. 


For those rare no wind days there is plenty to keep you busy in Kos. A great way to get around the immediate area is by bicycle, there are many wide and clearly marked cycle paths and this is a very popular way to explore the resort and town.

The windsurf / kitesurf centre in Psalidi offer free SUP board for our pre-booked Planet clients. There are some waterskiing and wakeboarding schools in the area. Most of our recommended hotels have tennis courts and well equipped gyms. There is are some excellent stables on the other side of Kos Town near Salt Lake for horse riding lessons or excursions.

Further away from the resort there are numerous historical sites to visit. As the island is quite small most places of interest are less than 1 hour away. 



Platani – last refuge for the Islands Turkish community – great food at even better prices Nissyros Island – the active volcano which last erupted in 1888 Therma Springs – Bathe in the hot volcanic healing waters Asclepion – Culture, stunning views and peaceful energy Kefalos – the picturesque Bay and hilltop village on the Southwest of the island Kalymnos Island – the neighbouring rock climbers island also famous for its sponge diving community


Kos Town is just a 10 -20 minute car or bus ride away offering a good choice of restaurants and bars. Kos Town can be a very pretty town to walk around with charming tree laden streets, beautiful historical architecture and an old fortress. There are some less charismatic areas but these are easily avoided. 

The Surfers Bar on the harbour is always very popular with the guests and is open every day serving cold drinks, snacks and cocktails at the waters edge. It stays open into the night and also has live music nights and beach bbq’s. The famous Bar Street can keep you partying into sunrise or there are plenty of charming quiet small places for a romantic meal.

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