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Lesvos Kitesurfing Holidays

Kitesurf Holidays To Lesvos General Overview

A little known windsurf spot with an excellent combination of wind, flat water and waves! In front of the centre there is flat water and outside in the channel there are waves! In the village of Sigri there are lots of restaurants run by the very friendly Greek people and there are lots of unspoilt beaches to find in the area around Sigri. So Sigri…. Just like Greece in the 60’s!

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  • Waves
  • Family Friendly
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  • Eating Out
  • Nightlife
  • Un spolit
  • Culture
  • Luxury Hotel
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  • Spa

Top Recommended Luxury Hotels

  • Hotels in lesvos  : Aklyoni Studios
    2* Aklyoni Studios
    Holiday From £650
  • Hotels in lesvos  : Aeolis Maisonettes
    2* Aeolis Maisonettes
    Holiday From £650
  • Hotels in lesvos  : Orama Vision Hotel
    3* Orama Vision Hotel
    Holiday From £650
  • Hotels in lesvos  : Sigri Towerhouse
    4* Sigri Towerhouse
    Holiday From £650