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Barbados Kitesurfing Holidays

Kitesurf Holidays To Barbados

A kitesurf holiday to the island of Barbados is a great location for intermediate to advanced kitesurfers travelling with their partner of family. The East coast and Silver Sands beach area is the main kitesurfing zone of Barbados, here you will find stunning beaches and waves, this is not ideal for beginner due to the waves and shore break.

Since being discovered by the Portugese in 1536, the island has had a lot of English influence, often being called ‘Little England of the Caribbean’. Nevertheless, it is still very Caribbean with plenty of blaring reggae and incredible fish BBQ’s in the evenings.

Planet Kitesurf Holidays offer either a luxury beach resort right next to the kitesurf beach, or some large very beautifully appointed apartments. It is a good idea to take your own kitesurf equipment to this location as the locally available kitesurf equipment is very limited.

Best Kite Surfing Season

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The Wind And Weather On Barbados

The wind varies between a constant cross-offshore or cross-onshore trade wind, which usually levels off between 12 and 20 knots. The best wind period is between December and March. Silversands is one of the best wave spots.


There are an abundance of jet ski companies, dive schools, paragliding businesses, bannana boat rides, and general watersports madness to get involved with. Away from the watersports, hiring a car is a must do, as you can get from one end of the island to the other in 1 hr 30 min. So there is no reason not to travel around the beautiful country, and visit the various attractions like the monkey sanctuary in the north, or visit the various surf breaks.

Nightlife On Barbados

Barbados has a great night life with a true Caribbean feel. The fish BBQ at Oistins is one to never miss, where you will find the freshest fish cooked to order infront of you, accompanied by local foods such as bread fruit, plantains, and a wedge of amazing macaroni pie.

St Lawrence Gap, or most commonly known as ‘The Gap’ has bars and restaurants of various description, and regularly hosts local live music. Just look out for the posters that spring up around town with the place and date.

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