Why You'll love Kite Surfing in Sardinia (south) !

  • One of the most beautiful areas in Italy with an interesting history, a wild mountainous interior, and vibrant towns
  • A great learn to kitesurf destination in the summer
  • Unforgettable wave sessions to be had between May and October when the Scirocco wind blows

Porto Botte Overview

The wind systems traveling across the Med get funneled through this gap and create some of the best wind stats in Europe. Because of this funneling effect, wind forecasts aren't always accurate, and will show the wind to be blowing less than it really is.

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful areas in Italy, and has so much more to offer with an interesting history, wild mountainous interior, vibrant towns with local traditions, and colourful festivals. Porto Botte is a great kitesurf holiday destination, not only for the amazing wind, but also for non kitesurfing friends and family members.

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The Wind And Weather

Two wind patterns operate in Southern Sardinia. The Mistral wind comes from the northwest, left to right cross-onshore and is super-consistent, usually bringing nice weather too. During the spring, march-may, the waves are perfect for wave riding, in turn the summer is great for a learn to kitesurf holiday and freestyle, as the water is much calmer.

The Scirocco wind comes from the southeast, right to left cross-onshore. Usually it blows in May and October, when it reaches 5bft you can be sure to have an unforgettable wave session at Chia!

In the summer temperatures range from 24 to 32°C and in winter from 15 to a pleasant 20°C. The kite range is 7-12 m for a rider of around 75 kg.

The Kitesurfing Season In Porto Botte

The best time to visit Southern Sardinia for a kitesurfing holiday is between March and October, when the wind is at it's strongest and most reliable. In this time kite sizes range from 7 - 12 m for a man of around 75kg

The winter months are often just as windy, though the weather is much stormier. However the winter is a great time to go for waves, and you can have some incredible wave riding days, with strong wind throughout the winter.

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