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Kitesurf Centre (cumbuco Guest House) In Cumbuco

Kitesurf Centre (cumbuco Guest House) In Cumbuco

This centre is situated at the Cumbuco Guesthouse in the village of Cumbuco.


In Cumbuco you can kite almost every day of the year. The best months are from June till January where the wind is blowing almost every day. This makes Cumbuco to one of the best kite spots in the world to learn Kitesurfing.

All our school kites are brand-new from Best Kiteboarding and will be replaced after a few month of use.

All our staff is very safety conscious, we train according to strict standards, a qualified instructor will always be with you and all our kites are equipped with safety systems. As a student you will always be wearing a helmet and flotation vest for increased safety.

Kiteboarder Level I
In the first part of the beginner course you will be taught all about safety and how important that is to the sport. Further we will take you through equipment set up, launching and landing, and finally piloting the kite in the air. Most of the time you will be using 2 line kites and when the time allows, we will introduce 4 line kites. This course is 5 hours and is normally done over 1,5 days.

Kiteboarder Level II
The level II course completes the full beginner course. In this course you will learn kite piloting with power, one handed kite piloting, body dragging unhooked and hooked in to your harness. When you mastered the kite handling it is time for the board, now you will learn the water start and getting up on that board. This course is 5 hours and is normally done over 1,5 days.

All courses will be done at a maximum of 2 to 1! Which means 2 students have their own instructor! This guarantees that you will learn a soon as possible.

Supervised Kiteboarding
For the Kiteboarder that is not 100% sure of his own abilities but does not want to do a course we offer supervised kiting. This is perfect to do for two hours, an instructor will be with you to help you out if needed and soon you will feel confident enough to go on on your own.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • 1 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction (excl equipment)
  • 10 Hour Kitesurfing beginner course (Including kit)


  • Two Weeks Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)
  • 1 Week Kitesurfing Rental
  • Kitesurfing Harness or Helmet Rental

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