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Kitesurf centre Compass Point In GRAND CAYMAN

Situated at the beautiful Reef Resort, right on the beach, this school is in a terrific location. The shallow sand bars could not be more perfect to learn the sport, whilst advanced riders will be more than satisfied riding the reef on the outside.

All of the centres instructors have trained and qualified as PASA (Professional Air Sports Association, the American kiteboarding governing body) Kiteboarding instructors. Once they are qualified to teach, they then go through the centres own in house Advanced Instructor Training program. This is a much more in-depth course that is closely mentored and substantially raises the quality of lesson that the instructor can provide. Only when a kiteboard instructor has passed the intensive training will they be able to teach in the school. The centre understands that everybody learns differently and so our instructors customise each lesson to each student, based on your own learning curve and any previous experience you may have.


For all lessons the centre will take students by boat to the shallow sandbars which are perfect for learning. All guests are welcome to jump aboard the boat. Boats are also used to take students back upwind to ensure that they don't waste any time with walking back up wind. Lessons are just 100% practice, which means the progression rate is accelerated.

The centre invested in Radio Helmets which allow them to have contact with the student throughout their lessons. These helmets enable to instructor to perfect the students kite handling and stance whilst they are kitesurfing, which is the most effective way possible.


The centre uses Cabrinha kites simply because they believe they are the best kites, for both themselves and for students to learn with. Cabrinha kites are so versatile that the world speed record for kitesurfing was set using a Cabrinha kite which the centre use to teach students with. With Cabrinha kites you don't need to worry about learning with one type of kite, and then having to get used to a more advanced one.

The centre also rents Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards, and offer instruction. For a fee they will also drop off and pick up SUP boards from your accommodation so that you have the board at your disposal throughout your holiday, and can get up early to be on the water in time for a spectacular sunset. The will also take you to places to experience the amazing Bioluminescence which is some of the best and most reliable in the world.


Kitesurfing Guided Downwinder
kitesurf 8 Lesson 'Cruise Control' package
£ 103
£ 1324
kitesurf 10 Lesson 'Next Level' package
3 Lesson kitesurf 'Basics' package
Private kitesurf Instruction
kitesurf 5 Lesson 'Get Up And Go' package
£ 1586
£ 538
£ 186
£ 862