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Columbia Watersports, Pissouri

Columbia Watersports In Pissouri

Columbia Water Sports operate in an enclosed bay, offering flat water and chop to play with but that doesn't mean you can't take air off the ramps. And out of the bay, there are big swells and higher winds particularly in the afternoons when it's usually Force 4 in the high summer thanks to thermals across the south coast of Cyprus.  They get light winds in the morning, so it's good for beginners or improvers wanting to perfect their gybes for the afternoon. And quite often it will be windier in Pissouri Bay thanks to local thermals than other spots down the coast.


Columbia Water Sports was among the first to get serious about windsurfing, and it remains one of the best partly thanks to its location:

Pissouri Bay - away from the crowds at Dahab or Vass, it's a small bay but beautifully quiet. During most of the summer, the predominant winds are westerlies, which go right to left across the headland and into the bay. That makes it calmer and protected to the right for beginners, but windy enough to plane most days over to the left hand side of the bay.

Our windsurfing season - We run from April (Easter) to early November. Cyprus is one of the most southerly parts of the EU and one of the sunniest.

Wind - The windiest months are usually April, August and September when there's more than a 40 per cent chance of getting winds of Force 4 or more.

Should I bring a wet suite? In April you might need a shortie wet-suit but we do have some to use inclusive of our rental prices. By June it's warm enough just to sail in a rash vest and shorts. Our tip - bring your own rash vest to keep out the UV! The water temperature is usually over 23C in the summer.      

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