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Kitesurf Centre (Nomads and Kite Village), Diani

Kitesurf Centre (nomads And Kite Village) In Diani

The centre, located at 'The Sands at Nomad' on the pristine Diani Beach, caters for beginners & advanced kiters and windsurfers as well as for families with our extensive range of leisure and water sports equipment.

Diani has the perfect conditions for kitesurfing: consistent side-shore breezes, wide beaches for hassle-free launching, warm water and a choice of flat water or waves. Our IKO-certified kite instructors can teach you the basics or help you boost massive airs and ride the reef break. Video supported lessons and the latest Naish equipment is available.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • 10 Hours Private Kitesurfing Lessons
  • 2 Hour kitesurf Intensive Training
  • 10 hours kitesurf Intensive Training
  • 15 Hour course
  • 5 hour kitesurf Intensive Lesson
  • 2 hours Privarte ALL LEVELS


  • One Week Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)
  • 1 Day Kitesurfing Rental

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