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Kitesurf Centre (indian Resort) In Le-morne

Kitesurf Centre (indian Resort) In Le Morne

The centre is located in the Hotel Indian Resort under shady palms, with a view out onto the spot. It is always equipped with the best and latest North Kiteboarding boards, kites and accessories.

Since the kite lagoon is upwind of the hotel we have a storage room 
for our equipment over there as well. You can also rent gears at the centre and ride directly in front of the centre.


Le Morne, at the foot of Mauritius' famous landmark, the impressive le Morne Brabant Mountain, in the southern part of the island, offers everything kite surfers could wish for.

The spot is excellently suited to all kite-surfing skills. The main reasons include the constant southeast trade winds, which especially in the summer month blow all day. These winds that travelled 4000 miles over the sea are therefore very constant and clear. Another advantage is the different spots for kite-surfing.

We teach kite-surfing lessons for beginner’s level, intermediate kite surfers such as advanced kite-boarders. For beginners we use the large lagoon with its fantastic, knee-deep flat water, on the windward side of main centre. It is adjacent to the beach of the Indian Resort Hotel. This is the safest spot for both, learning to kitesurf and for improving one's kite-surf skills. Inside the lagoon and especially in front of the station, small coral clumps, shells and marine animals can be found in the water, so we recommend everybody to wear shoes.

The kite-surfing spot for advanced kitesurfers is situated directly in front of the centre, where the wind blows constantly side shore from the left. Here you can blast away across the lagoon on shallow water protected from waves by the outer reef, located about 600 m offshore. The reef is relatively smooth and is about 1 m below the surface, allowing you to ride down the 1-2 m waves without risk. If conditions are right, the kitesurf spot is also suitable for wave riding novices making their first attempts at surfing down wave.

For your own safety you must observe our on-site team's instructions, as the currents, tides and waves may be some-what dangerous, depending on conditions.


The wind usually blows from east or southeast (side shore from the left) and reaches strength of 3-5 bft on average during summer in the southern hemisphere and about 4-6 bft during winter. In winter (April to October), the trade wind shows its best side. Between December and April there can be heavy rainfall.


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Creole.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • One Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Centre Services
  • Two Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Centre Services


  • 2 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction
  • 6 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (MAX 2 STUDENTS)
  • 4 Hours Semi-Private IKO Beginner kitesurfing Course (Max 2 Students)
  • 10 Hours IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course
  • 6 Hours Advanced Kitesurfing Training (Jumping, Gybes, Looping)
  • 10 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (based on 2 Students)


  • 1 week Kitesurfing rental + safety fee
  • 2 Week Kitesurfing rental

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