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Le Morne Lagoon Kitesurf Centre, Le Morne

Le Morne Lagoon Kitesurf Centre In Le Morne

Planet have offer 2 kitesurf schools in le Morne, one based on the beach of St Regis Resort and then other based at the kitesurf training lagoon. The two centres are around 20 minute walk apart although we offer a speed board shuttle service if you are staying at the St Regis and want to use the lagoon.


Based at the Le Morne kitesurf lagoon is the main kiresurf school, a perfect location for training with a huge space and a vast shallow flat water lagoon in which to teach. The wind here is side to side on shore, really the perfect direction. There are many kitesurf schools in this area but our partner centre is the only fixed kitesurf stattion at the spot and stes the standard. The kitesurf centre in Le Morne stocking all the newest North kitesurf equipment at great rental prices. The centre has huge experience running this amzing but complex kiting area. 



Directly off the beach by the kitesurf centre you are into a turquoise lagoon and shallow water. The whole lagoon is surrounded by a reef, which is 600 meters off the beach. Depending on the tide, the water might be so shallow at low tide that sometimes neither the reef nor the lagoon can be surfed. Within the lagoon there is enough space for all, even at the busiest times.

Outside you can find two wave spots: “Little Reef” with modest waves and “Manawa” for experienced kiters. The famous “One Eye” is only suitable for experts.

Kitesurf courses for beginners are held in the protected lagoon. We recommend wearing shoes in the lagoon. On the rare occassions there is no wind the center also offers many SUP boards, free to use when pre booking rental with Planet Kitesurf. Moreover Mauritius has several excellent surfing spots, which can be reached directly from the centre.

It is crucial that you observe our on-site team's instructions, as the current, tides and waves may be somewhat dangerous, depending on conditions - and your safety is the top priority!



Within the lagoon, the water is flat to choppy and thus suitable for all course levels - from beginners to advanced kiters. Unless the tide is very high, the lagoon offers a perfect shallow area with the best possible tuition conditions. Exceptionally, on days with a lot of swell, waves may also build up in the lagoon and the current become strong, making it unsuitable for beginners or intermediates who cannot yet do a water start. 


The spot is extremely well suited to beginners, as long as the swell is not too high, when the current and waves inside the lagoon grow stronger. As the tides vary strongly and it is easier for beginners to make their first attempts at low tide. The centre will always orient the course programme to the conditions, instead of a fixed time schedule. Beginners' lessons are held in the morning, whenever possible, as the wind tends to be lighter then.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • Two Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Centre Services
  • One Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Centre Services


  • 10 Hours IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course
  • 6 Hours Advanced Kitesurfing Training (Jumping, Gybes, Looping)
  • 10 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (based on 2 Students)
  • 2 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction
  • 6 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (MAX 2 STUDENTS)
  • 4 Hours Semi-Private IKO Beginner kitesurfing Course (Max 2 Students)


  • 2 Week Kitesurfing rental
  • 1 week Kitesurfing rental + safety fee

Sport centre prices are as a guide, prices can change depending on the season and exchange rates. When pre booking with Planet you normally receive around a 10% discount on direct local prices. More importantly, you MUST pre book any essential sport services at the time of booking to ensure availability. Please be sure to ask us about this during the booking process.

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