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Kitesurf Centres In Spain

Sport Centres In Fuerteventura (sotavento)

  • HOTEL in fuerteventura (sotavento)

    Kitesurf Centre (Based at Gorriones Hotel)

    The kite surf centre is located directly on a kilometer long beach that offers ideal conditions for a relaxed kite vacation. The legendary wind and year-round pleasant water and air temperature promises lots of fun on the water and the beach offers plenty of space to start and land kites. It also offers compressed air, fresh water showers, reserved sun beds an integrated beach bar and a free W-...
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  • HOTEL in fuerteventura (sotavento)

    Windsurf Centre (Costa Calma)

    The Spot and the center at Costa Calma The new Club Mistral Windsurfing Center at Costa Calma is situated on the sandy beach of Costa Calma, approx 300 metres from the recommended SBH Costa Calma Palace hotel. The wind blows cross-offshore from the left and is a little bit gusty for the first 100 meters. Directly in front of the center there is a sandy 40 m entrance reserved for windsurfe...
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