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Union Island Kitesurf Centre, Union Island

Union Island Kitesurf Centre In Union Island

The kitesurf centre in St Vincent and The Grenadines is located on Union Island. What makes this centre unique, is that along with professional instruction, kite rental, and light wind activities, they are passionate about the photography side of kitesurfing. Every morning guests have the chance to join in with kitesurf photo sessions by professional photographers. They will also edit the pictures, and ensure that the end result is amazing! Finally they will send you ALL of the photos.

The kitesurf centre on Union Island makes the most of their incredible location, surrounded by paradise islands. Trips go to all the best kite spots and islands, however trips can be tailored made specific to you. Trips include boat transport, a guide, plus food and drink. It is also possible to have a Lobster lunch brought to you for an extra cost.


The centre uses the latest Ocean Rodeo kites and boards. Kites range in size from as small as 5 metres, up to 17.5 metres. They also stock a variety of boards, with freestyle for the lagoons, to surf boards for wave riding.

There are also surf and stand up paddle boards available for rent on light wind days, or for downwind paddle boarding. Go-pro HD cameras are also available to rent, for recording some of the best kitesurf footage, in the stunning surroundings.


Discovery - The discovery lesson takes place in the morning or the afternoon and is a great way to get a taste of what flying a kite on the water feels like. It is the best option for anyone interested in having fun without having to take the full course. The basics of flying a kite and getting dragged by it on the water are covered by this lesson. There is a maximum of 4 people per course.

Full beginner course - The full beginner course is what you will need to become a kitesurfer. It is divided in three sessions (morning or afternoon) where the instructor covers all the theory, piloting techniques, safety and water start (starting with the board) and riding. At the end of this course you should become an independent kitesurfer. An intermediate course can be added to finalize the course.

Intermediate - The intermediate course is the perfect way to reconnect to kitesurfing if you haven’t practiced in a long time or if you would like a few additional lessons after a full beginner course.

Advanced -The advanced lessons are taught by pro kitesurfer Jeremie Tronet. His experience in the kitesurfing world will push you into doing tricks you never thought you would even try. Assisted with a professional DSLR Canon camera, everything you attempt is documented with photos.


Pre Booked Sports Services


  • 1 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction (excl equipment)
  • Half Day kitesurf Discovery
  • 3 Day kitesurf Beginner course
  • 2 Day kitesurf Intermediate Course

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