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The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!

rodrigues kitesurf holiday overview

Surrounded by a crystal clear lagoon in the Indian Ocean, is the succluded island of Rodrigues. The small, windy island is located around 400 miles off the coast of Mauritius. The entire island is only 5 miles by 11 miles, but for miles there is perfectly flat shallow water. Whilst on the outside, the reefs are constantly battered by the oceans swells. The flatness of the lagoons water makes this an absolute speed paradise, and is regularly described as the fastest place on the planet.

To get to Rodrigues, you need to take a connection in Mauritius where we have two other amazing kitesurf destinations, Le Morne which is great for flat water, and has some of the world most renowned waves. The other is Belle Mare which is another flat water paradise, and offers some amazing downwinders. Planet can easily combine these destinations to make you an amazing kitesurf holiday in the Indian Ocean.

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the kitesurfing spots in rodrigues

The miles of butter flat water surrounding the island is the main kiting area in Rodrigues. The wind here blows cross on usually with a strength of 3/4 bft in the mornings, and can build up to 7 bft the afternoons throughout peak wind months. The secluded location of the island, out in the ocean ensures the wind is clean and not gusty.

the nightlife in rodrigues

The evenings revolve mainly around a few sundowners and eating out in some of the islands great restaurants. The island is best enjoyed as a relaxing break from the busy real world. However, there is a small nightclub in the capital, Port Mathurin, which is open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Kids in rodrigues

The secluded location of Rodrigues may be something more appreciated by adults who want to throw themselves into kitesurfing in the awesome conditions. As the island is so small there's not many activities for kids to enjoy, however, if they are old enough to kitesurf, the conditions could not be more perfect for learning! The Mourouk Ebony Hotel also hosts a kids club for kids between 3 and 11.

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