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Windsurf Centre (bay View), Dahab

Windsurf Centre (bay View) In Dahab

This centre is very conveniently located on the beach at the 4* Bayview. Because the water drops off straight into deep water, it is necessary to be able to waterstart. However if you are staying at the Bayview, but don't know how to waterstart, the centre organises speedboat shuttles throughout the day to all the other centres, where you can learn to waterstart in absolutely ideal conditions.

The sailing area at this centre is limitless! There is a beach downwind, so if you do run into any trouble you will never be more than a short walk from the centre, however cross wind is your playground, with no obstacles until you finally hit Saudi.

The centre only runs courses for advanced and intermediate sailors due to the deep water conditions. However for all lessons it is highly recommended to take one of the free speed boat shuttles to another centre where the conditions are much more suited. The centre at the Bay View will ring through to the other centre, let them know you are coming, and ensure your instructor is ready.

The centre stocks a massive range of JP and Neilpryde boards and sails. Along with a rigging team to ensure the equipment has been adjusted specifically to you.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • One Weeks Windsurf Storage & Rescue Cover
  • Two Weeks Windsurf Storage & Rescue Cover


  • 10 Hour Windsurf Beginner Course (with Dagger Board)
  • Advanced Instruction
  • 8 hours Windsurf Improver Course (Water Start +) excl. equipment


  • One Week Full Wood Sandwich Rental
  • One Week Improver Board Rental
  • One week Windsurf Pro Edition Rental

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