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Windsurf Centre (iberotel), Dahab

Windsurf Centre (iberotel) In Dahab

This centre is close to the water, and has direct access to areas 2 and 3 on a beam-reach course. The fine sandy beach enables you to start easily without shoes. It offers a shuttle service by boat to centre 1 for all clients if required.

The centre offers a total of 650 rings and 500 boards to select from, rig-up service team, wetsuits, harness and shoes, safety service with walkie-talkies, free shuttle boat service connecting the centres and free wireless internet access.


The centre offers one of the best learning concepts. The courses are held every day, in the appropriate area and they incorporate theory, practical and video sessions. There is special equipment available for children, including wetsuits and shoes for all sizes.

All courses are taught by internationally trained wind kites surfing instructors. Recognized teaching practices are testimony to the success and they boast the highest number of surfers taught throughout the bay.


Beginner course:
Basics, tacking, gybing, beach start, harness.

Intermediate course:
Water start, planing, foot straps, speed, improving stance, basic carve gybe.

Advanced course:
Stance, carve gybe, duck gybe, 360’s, jumping advanced manoeuvers. 


English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Russian.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • One Weeks Windsurf Storage & Rescue Cover
  • Two Weeks Windsurf Storage & Rescue Cover


  • Advanced Instruction
  • 8 hours Windsurf Improver Course (Water Start +) excl. equipment
  • 10 Hour Windsurf Beginner Course (with Dagger Board)


  • One Week Full Wood Sandwich Rental
  • Two Weeks Windsurf Rental - High Tec Boards
  • One Week Improver Board Rental
  • One week Windsurf Pro Edition Rental

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