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Best Kite Surfing Season


Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Safaga!

  • One of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing locations in Egypt
  • A very long wide beach perfect for going upwind and a great location for advanced sailors
  • A big lagoon is also available for beginners and kids lessons are available

Safaga Holiday Overview

Whereas the temples of Luxor and the pyramids of Giza are highlights for travellers interested in Egyptian culture, Safaga is regarded as a dream spot for windsurfers and kiters.

Located about 50 kilometres south of Hurghada, this site offers not only numerous diving bases but is arguably one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing spots in Egypt. Spacious sandy beaches extend around the deepsea port of Safaga, and one of our largest and best-equipped centres is located right on one of the most beautiful and widest beaches of them all!

The contrast between the azure and turquoise colours of the ocean and the barren desert landscape makes this area an impressive holiday setting and will turn your vacation into a wind-filled desert experience.

About 3.5 km away, Tobia Island awaits your visit. Here you will find a small sandy cay surrounded by turquoise water. Joining one of our famous surfing outings to this destination alone makes a vacation in Safaga worthwhile.

Our insider tips:

Excursion to Luxor, Kiteboard trip to Kiriazi Bay, BBQ in Safaga, Video evening, Snorkelling and Diving excursions

The Kitesurf Area

Safaga is the ultimate all-round kitesurf spot and suitable for everyone, from beginners to absolute experts! The turquoise waters of Kite Bay commence upwind of the bathing zone; here kitesurfers will find a waist-deep kitesurf area, the first part of which is protected by a spit.
At high tide, Kite Bay is ideally suited to bodydrag and water-start instruction and of course for one's first few metres on the kitesurf board. kitesurfers who have successfully completed their first few water launches can head for the stretch of beach upwind of Kite Bay at low tide (Kite Bay II). There you will find a very long beach which is just perfect for going upwind.
The spot is excellently suited to advanced kitesurfers, due to its outstanding wind potential.

The Wind In Safaga

The wind blows side-offshore from the left in the morning and then turns to sideshore around 11am. The wind conditions in the morning favour an excursion to Toubia Island, a sandy island surrounded by turquoise water only 3.8 kilometres away. Do not miss it! In the afternoon the steady wind normally blows sideshore. This wind direction dominates from 11am. until the afternoon. The stronger the wind blows, the longer it stays in the afternoon. The kitesurfing spot is about 300 metres downwind. The areas for windsurfing and kitesurfing tuition are separate from each other.

Extra Activities In Safaga

The main other activity in Safaga, other than Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, is Scuba Diving. Whether you are looking to do a complete beginner course or just a days boat diving, this is all easily arranged at your hotel. Safaga offers a prime location from which to explore the many ancient pharonic sites of Luxor just 3 hours away. Planet specialise in tailor made tours, whether it is just a 1 day trip to Luxor or a full tailor made tour of all the main sites of Egypt. Please just ask one of our experienced travel consultants when making your enquiry.

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See What Our Clients Say

Booking with Planet Kitesurf was okay, but it took a while to hone in on the right location. I wanted to understand the different choices of locations even if they weren't deemed to be right for us - I wanted to understand why not. I think the advice for Safaga was very good. The hotel was right on the kite spot. The holiday met the requirements well. It was better than I expected it would be. Shams Prestige Hotel was very nice and our room (it was actually a suite really) was right next to the kite centre. The bed was massive. The staff very friendly and helpful. It was a good location and I was lucky with the wind as I kited 6 out of 7 days. When the wind was up there was quite a bit of chop, and I suspect there are other better flat water spots in that bit of coastline, although perhaps they didn't have as nice hotels or hotels that were as suitable for a non-kiting partner. The kite centre was okay. It lacked a bit of buzz really. Nearly all other guests were German. I was the only person from the UK. For what it was, the service was quite expensive - £75 for kite storage (had to store kites with kite leading edge deflated), there was a compressor and launching/landing, kite cleaning/equipment rinsing/drying areas, and boat rescue. It should be noted that the kite inflating area has some astro turf down which is also very sandy, and together it is very abrasive on the kites. Probably better to just put kites onto the sand.


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