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Why You'll Love Kitesurfing In Rhodes (kremasti)!

  • A constant cross-shore wind, making this one of the best spots in the area
  • Great conditions for kiters of all ages and abilities
  • Reliable cross shore winds, warm seas, a lovely energetic vibe on the beach and some great tuition


Situated 12km southwest of Rhodes Town, the village is actually one of the biggest settlements of the island, attracting its visitors especially because of the long sandy Kremasti beach as well for Valley of Butterflies nearby. Kremasti, is constant cross-shore winds, makes it the best kiteboarding - kitesurfing hotspots in the area.

The beach is simply lovely - a picturesque stretch of golden sands and little pebbles extended 10 more kilometres along the western coast with amazing blue waters.

The Spot Of Kremasti

In the mornings the water is flat but by midday the wind picks up and the waves start to swell, and by the afternoon the wind is really blowing. In other words the conditions are ideal for kiters of all ages and abilities.

The Wind Of Kremasti

Reliable cross shore winds, warm seas, a lovely energetic vibe on the beach and some great tuition make for some kiting days in Kremasti. Generally, the wind will be lighter in the morning, typically starting at around 14-16 knots, before the thermal effect takes hold and turbo charges the breeze up to an optimum 20-22 knots, virtually every day throughout the summer.

Launching is easy due to the protected location and there is no significant swell breaking on the beach. For beginners, lessons take place a few hundred metres upwind of the main centre where sand spit curves out into the sea. This provides a safe, shallow learning environment in which to make your first body drags and board starts. The supportive, friendly instructors are readily at hand to support you during your lessons. Advanced riders will delight in the constant winds and the little bumps begging to be used as launch ramps. With so much space available in Kremasti you can log a huge amount of airtime and it’s an ideal place to work up the confidence whatever your level.

Things To Do

Kremasti is a small charming village, unspoiled by development, where you can relax in the sun, bathe in clear warm water and enjoy a traditional atmosphere. Evenings are as laid back as the daytime with entertainment centred round the hotels and tavernas. Travellers can visit the Medieval Castle, thePanagia Katholiki or the the Library.


Nightlife of Kremasti is laid back and most entertainment can be found at the hotels and walking through the villages. Guests who prefer a livelier nightlife can travel by bus to Rhodes Town where there is a larger selection of bars, clubs and tavernas to visit.

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