The new large build centre offers latest equipment for all skill levels! The kite beach, for launching and landing, is right next to the centre. The centre offers the latest equipment from North Kiteboarding. The centre has two rescue boats, which guarantee safety on the water during opening times (8.30 – 17:00) and can be coordinated by wireless and walkie-talkie. For private kitesurfers, a rescue service package is available, which covers unlimited rescue for the period booked while lockers are also available for private kiters.

Safaga is the ultimate all-round kitesurf spot and suitable for everyone, from beginners to absolute experts! The turquoise waters of Kite Bay commence upwind of the bathing zone; here kitesurfers will find a waist-deep kite surf area, the first part of which is protected by a spit. At high tide, Kite Bay is ideally suited to body-drag and water-start instruction and of course for one's first few metres on the kitesurf board. Kitesurfers who have successfully completed their first few water launches can head for the stretch of beach upwind of Kite Bay at low tide (Kite Bay II). There you will find a very long beach which is just perfect for going upwind. The spot is excellently suited to advanced kitesurfers, due to its outstanding wind potential.

In the morning the wind is side offshore from the left and turns in the late morning/lunchtime to side shore. Because of this, the water is absolutely flat in the morning and later can get a bit choppy.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • Two Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Centre Services
  • One Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Centre Services


  • 6 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (MAX 2 STUDENTS)
  • 4 Hours Semi-Private IKO Beginner kitesurfing Course (Max 2 Students)
  • 2 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction
  • 10 Hours Semi-Private IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course (based on 2 Students)
  • 6 Hour private kitesurf instruction - any level. Full equipment included.
  • 10 Hours IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course


  • Two Weeks Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)
  • One Week Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)

Sport centre prices are as a guide, prices can change depending on the season and exchange rates. When pre booking with Planet you normally receive around a 10% discount on direct local prices. More importantly, you MUST pre book any essential sport services at the time of booking to ensure availability. Please be sure to ask us about this during the booking process.