When it comes to safety no other school can offer the standards maintained by our training manager, an ex-aircraft engineer. Our crew are constantly monitored for safety & course content. Making sure you receive the best instruction with no corners cut.

GIRL FOCUS TRAINING: One of the centres missions is to increase the amount female kite surfers and have more girlies on the beach, for obvious reasons - they look good and smell nice - they also have small kites us guys can borrow when the wind goes nuclear ! For this we always have a female IKO instructor on staff. ….their budding kite chick has all the makings of a champ.

Seriously though improvements in equipment now make the sport safer and more accessible than ever before. The school kites and school boards are the latest on the market and enable you to gain the much needed confidence you’ll need to try that little harder. Coupled with the easiest spot in Asia to learn the only limits are your own.

Taster courses - Kite Intro - ½ day

The first step towards kitesurfing, or just a fun way to learn about flying power kites. Our half day session gives you a great feel for flying and will let you feel the incredible power these kites can produce. It’ll leave you wanting to know more.
Kitesurfing Taster - 1 day (3-4 hours)

Learn about controlling our power kites, it is the most important step in kitesurfing. You’ll be using dedicated teaching equipment, and hitting the water almost straight away. By the end of the day you should be confident in using the kites, and ready for the next steps contained in the IKO L1 course.
IKO L1 Course 3days (9-12 hours)

This course gives you a good introduction to the booming sport of kitesurfing. You’ll learn to rig the equipment, learn where and when to launch, how to control the kite and board. We will make you aware of the importance of safety issues related to this eXtreme sport. Take this as a course in itself, or extend to the 4 day IKO certification course. Faster learning students will be introduced to boardstarts.

IKO Modules covered.


    * How to hold, carry and set up the kite
    * Determine wind direction (upwind and downwind), and wind window.
    * Kite Safety.
    * Fly a Kite unhooked
    * Know how to stop the kite power in case of problem by releasing the bar.

    * Be aware of the area where the kite can fall.
    * Recover the kite on land.
    * Position the kite on request on the wind window edge.
    * Launch a kite.
    * Fly the kite in the power area without crashing it.
    * Untwist the lines while the kite flies.
    * Recover a kite and secure it on land.
    * Land a kite with the help of an assistant.

    * Fly a kite hooked in.
    * Pilot hooked to the harness with one hand.
    * Activate the harness release system or quick release located on a leader line.

    * Perform a downwind course by body dragging using the power of the kite.

    * Re launch a kite from the water.
    * Wind the lines in the water and recover the kite.
    * Perform a self-rescue in deep water.
    * Launch a kite alone on land.
    * Understand that practice with onshore wind is dangerous

IKO L2 Courses 4 days (12-16hours)

    * Define if the practice area is safe for practice.
    * Set up and check the equipment alone.

    * Go away from the shore while body dragging AND come back to the shore.
    * In the water, pilot a kite with power from one side of the wind window to the other, passing by the power area.
    * The pilot must be able to perform while piloting the kite at different heights from the water.
    * Perform the previously mentioned exercise while piloting with one hand.

    * Know the water start theory: board and body positioning, kite piloting.
    * Recover the board in deep water and position the feet in the foot-straps and keep the position while flying the kite.

    * Stand up on the board and ride while moving the kite up and down.
    * Set up a 4 line kite alone.
    * Fly 4 line kite.
    * Activate the safety systems of a 4 line bar (power loop, leash).
    * Adjust a four line kite while using the power loop.
    * Adjust the trim system of a 4 line kite to avoid it to fly backward or to adjust the power.
    * From this point you can rent equipment and improve yourself, or choose to move to L3 instruction.

IKO L3 individual skills lessons

    * Know the right of way rules. Possibly covered in L2.
    * Ride away from the shore and come back to the shore.

    * Edge control on the heel and toe side to change the course.
    * Accelerate by edging down and moving the kite.
    * Stop by edging.
    * Be able to keep an edge.

    * Ride away from the shore and come back at starting point.
    * Ride upwind.
    * Constantly ride upwind.

    * Recover the board without the leash, by body dragging upwind. Taught L2
    * Switch of direction.

    * Jump Theory. How to prepare your kite and posture for a jump.
    * Perform a small jump and land it with the use of the kite.

L3 is a large step from L2 and will take some time and patience. Lessons are available for this upon request but as it’s usually an individuals the 1 on1 apply. Should you wish to progress to this level you’ll either need to rent or purchase equipment.

Pre Booked Sports Services


  • Two Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Rescue Cover (min IKO Level III)
  • One Weeks Kitesurfing Storage & Rescue Cover (min IKO Level III)


  • 12 Hours Kitesurfing Beginner Course (IKO Level I & II)
  • 1 Hour Private Kitesurfing Instruction (excl equipment)
  • 10 Hours IKO Kitesurfing Beginner Course
  • 6 Hours Kitesurfing IKO Intermediate / Water Start Course


  • Two Weeks Kitesurf Rental (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)
  • One Week Kitesurf Rental - 4 HOUR PER DAY (IKO Level III Only / upwind sailing ONLY)

Sport centre prices are as a guide, prices can change depending on the season and exchange rates. When pre booking with Planet you normally receive around a 10% discount on direct local prices. More importantly, you MUST pre book any essential sport services at the time of booking to ensure availability. Please be sure to ask us about this during the booking process.