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The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!The best Kitesurf holidays!

Kitesurf Holiday Overview to Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre  is a beautiful beach from resort located in the south-west of Mauritius but still with atmosphere of authentic Mauritius. The kite spot here is perfectly located at the end of Bel Ombre beachright in front of a Beach Club . The spot is multifaceted and THEREFORE suited for beginners, advanced kite surfers and anything in-between. The spacious lagoon has flatwater as well as waves Further out at the reef. This is a perfect spot even for families, with a distance of only a few steps from a range of good quality but affordable hotels and the Bel Ombre Kitesurf Center.
A kitesurf holiday to Mauritius in Bel Ombre is perfectly suited to holidaymakers traveling with a non-kiting partner or family with kitesurifng very close to the hotels and other resort facilties. It really does not get much more perfect than this!

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Expert opinion (Posted by Marcus)

Mauritius is simply of the best kitesurf destinations in the world ! Bel Ombre is unique in that is offers amazing conditions for all level right on the beach of some amazing value quality hotels. This is a must visit resort.

The Kitesurfing In Bel Ombre Mauritius

The wind in Bel Ombre generally blows side to side-on shore from the left. The entire area is surrounded by a reef belt, very typical for Mauritius, providing super wave conditions outside the reef and perfect flat water conditons inside.
There is some coral patches withing the lagoon for soe beginners we recommned boots. From the beach one is able to see a slightly darker long stretched line, about 20x60m long, which is grass, this area is mainly for the teaching lessons. Beyond this the water turns to a beautiful turquoise colour, where the water is somewhat deeper, perfect for kiters at low tide or for the teaching from a boat. In this area there is an area of approximately 80m long and 8m wide with coral that is marked with a red buoy. Kiters can go over it but are not suppose to jump or pass in low tide conditions.
After the 300m long lagoon, the kiter has to pay attention in low tide conditions because the reef comes close to teh surface. Behind this reef is the open ocean with wave conditions for advanced kiters.

Resort Summary

Beginners 10/10
Advanced 10/10
Waves 10/10
Family Friendly 10/10
Single Friendly 08/10
Eating Out 08/10
Nightlife 04/10
Un-spolit 07/10
Culture 07/10
Luxury Hotel 10/10
Multi Activity 10/10
Spa 10/10

Top recommended Luxury Hotels

Hotels in bel ombre: Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa

5* Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa

Hotels in bel ombre: Heritage Le Telfair

5* Heritage Le Telfair

From £1895
Hotels in bel ombre: Chamarel Boutique Lodge

5* Chamarel Boutique Lodge