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Best Kite Surfing Season


Why You'll love Kite Surfing in Sicily !

  • Great wind all year round
  • Easy to reach with direct flights from the UK
  • Huge flat-water lagoon - perfect for beginners

Kitesurfing Holidays In Sicily

The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily offers warm weather and a kitesurfing season that extends virtually all year but peaks between November and March when most other destinations worldwide don't have reliable wind. This relatively undiscovered kitesurfing destination offers flat, shallow waters - perfect for beginners and one of the safest places to learn to kitesurf!

The nature reserve of Stagnone is the largest lagoon in Sicily, extending between the areas of Marsala and Trapani. The picturesque lagoon is home to a number of small islands and is famous for its salt pans and windmills.

While a number of great bakeries, supermarkets and bars can be found close to the kitesurfing spot at Lo Stagnone, we will also arrange a private car rental for your holiday so that you can really explore the beauty of Sicily. Planet Kitesurf is the exclusive UK agents for a professional the kitesurf centre with an onsite hotel located on the western tip of Sicily, surrounded by kilometres of beautiful coastline and ancient cities, rich in historical and archaeological sites. The area of Marsala is linked to marsala wine and a few days spent in this stunning city will complete your Sicilian getaway.

Kitesurfing In Sicily

Lo Stagnone, Sicily, offers a great kitesurfing area for beginners just starting out or improvers looking to progress. The large flat water area is shallow enough all around that you can stand up no matter how deep you get or far you go and with a great warm water temperature, and a daytime temperature that never drops below 20°C in summer, the area is perfect for those learning new tricks or that are still learning to surf upwind. With conditions like these, it takes considerably less time to master new skills and is easier to spend hours practising by yourself.

The wind is consistent and reliable with winds coming from the north and a thermic wind which picks up usually after 2pm and lasts until the sun goes down. It is possible to kitesurf safely in all wind conditions and Lo Stagnone has about 300 windy days per year but the most reliable wind is between the months of November and March, making Sicily the perfect destination during these months when many other destinations are a no go.

Other Activities In Sicily

There are plenty of other activities to enjoy in Sicily on the slim chance you have a day with no wind or simply want some time to relax.

The endless flat water of Lo Stagnone is perfect for stand up paddling and there are several islands in the lagoon waiting to be explored. Boat and ferry trips to these little islands and those further out are also on offer. San Vito Lo Capo, located with an hours drive from the kitesurfing spot is a climber's paradise with routes for all skill levels. A number of beautiful beaches also beckon, providing white sands and turquoise waters where you can while away your days in paradise.

A number of small eateries and even a Michelin Star restaurant can be found within easy distance of Lo Stagnone and provide the perfect places to enjoy summer cocktails and fresh seafood. Also nearby you will find one of the first olive factories in Sicily, and a number of ancient temples, castles and ruins that are just waiting to be explored.

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Service rating : Planet offers a great range of Kitesufing holidays including Surfaries (their Turkish Surfari that I went on last year was fantastic both in value and experience). As a long-term customer, I value their knowledge and opinion on the holidays they propose.
I like their personal touch ..They still use the phone! and there is always someone available to talk to forward advise.The booking process is simple and works well.
Product : Its a great spot for beginners with loads of knee to waist deep flat water but honestly not for November, when there many windless days (6 out of my 14) where the warm summer thermal is replaced with unreliable cold sea breeze (17m weather ) and unreliable weather patterns which can be extremely gusty 18-28knots calling for a 7 m kite.
The gusts make for survival conditions rather than the desired progressive wind.
With only a relatively small launch & land area of packed mud coupled with a rocky step down into the water, its no fun getting into the water with your kite when the wind is gusting over 5 knots.

As November is 'off season' the Alby Rondina Prokite Centre is on skeleton staff and although the breakfast (included) is OK, its the only meal available during the day and you must travel a minimum of 5km to get some average food and 20km for a decent restaurant so dont go there without a car :).

The rooms are adequate and fortunately the aircon workes as a heater✔️. Deluxe ones have a balcony where you can hang out wet kit and sit out, though there's not much a view.

The bigger hotel next door promoted by Kite Worldwide is virtually closed although it has a small restaurant that serves lunch to the local riders who use their launch spot.

I guess its different in summer when the restaurant is open all day but with 6 kites schools within 200yards of beach front, I suspect that this spot (like so many) will become overwhelmed in the peak summer months.

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