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Recommended Hotels in Bonaire

Guide price based on one week flight inclusive package per person (UK flights & airport transfers or car hire where needed). Other european and world wide flights available. Sports prices are additional as required (see sports center pages for more on this).

4* Boutique Wind Hotel

Holidays from around £ 1,440 view this property

5* Harbour Village

Holidays from around £ 1,930 view this property

4* Sorobon Apartments

Holidays from around £ 1,600 view this property

4* Bellafonte Luxury Beach Hotel

Holidays from around £ 1,450 view this property

4* Sorobon Beach Hotel

Holidays from around £ 1,675 view this property

4* The Bonairian

Holidays from around £ 1,750 view this property

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  • Culture
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