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Discover Sri Lanka's rich diversity on this fantastic tour. The first part of the tour visits a tea plantation where you will experience the local lifestyle centred around tea production. Watch the tea plucking process, visit a tea factory and learn the secret art of tea. Enjoy high tea in your bungalow every day with author Ashok Ferrey.

Ashok is Sri Lanka’s biggest-selling author in English. His work takes a satirical look at the complex and often inscrutable lives of Sri Lankans. Ashok is the author of five books – two collections of short stories (Colpetty People, The Good Little Ceylonese Girl) and three novels (Serendipity, The Professional, The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons). Of these five, four have been shortlisted for the Gratiaen Prize (Sri Lanka’s premier literary award, founded and funded by Michael Ondaatje), and the fifth for Sri Lanka’s State Literary Award. His most recent book (Demons) will be translated into French and published by Mercure de France (Gallimard) in the spring of 2018.  You will pick three of his books to review with Ashok during the days of this tour. Learn from Ashok Ferry as he chronicles the journeys of characters, seeking something beyond the barriers of nations and generations. Read about his tales of social-climbing Sri Lankans, of the pathos of immigration, of rich people with poor taste, of ice-cream karma, of innocent love, eternity, and more. He accurately portrays Sri Lanka in all its diversity. Ashok Ferrey writes about Sri Lanka and its people, wherever they roam, with remarkable acuity. 

The second half of your journey visits one of the most breathtaking lake front properties in Asia – Tri. Flanking Sri Lanka's finest lake, this luxury hotel features living walls, green roofs, solar hot water, recycled wood and is made of entirely local materials. Simply relax with a good book or enjoy one of the excursions on offer including a cinnamon experience, a visit to a celebrated local artist, a natural experience at a turtle hatchery, a culinary journey experience including a visit to a local market, whale watching boat tours and cultural excursions.

  • Days 1 - 4

    Day 01, 02, 03 & 04

    Hotel: 4* Ceylon Tea Trails, Sri Lanka All Inclusive

    Upon arrival at the airport you will be received by the Cinnamon Air staff and will be escorted to the plane where you will fly away to Hatton at begin the tea trails experience.

    Ceylon Tea Trails Experience

    Check into the world’s first tea bungalow resort which is also a Relias & Chateaux member. Comprising of five colonial era tea planter residences, the period furnishings, gracious butler service and gourmet cuisine create an ambience that has made Tea Trails the gold standard for luxury bungalows in Sri Lanka. Situated at an altitude of 1250 metres near Hatton in central Sri Lanka, the resort borders the World Heritage Central Highlands and offers breathtaking panoramas of mountains and lush tea fields. Each bungalow is unique and exudes its own exquisite ambience. 

    Upon arrival relax at the bungalow and take in the beauty of Tea Trails. The next day meet up with Ashok Ferrey over lunch. He will be staying with you for three days. Listen to his stories about what inspired him to write his books. 

    The bungalow is set amidst a tea plantation and you will have endless views of the mountains filled with tea bushes. You can cycle along the tea estate on the gravel road experiencing the local lifestyle which is centred around tea production. Stop for a minute to witness how the tea plucking is done by only ladies since it’s said that only they have delicate fingers to pluck the best 2 bud leaves. Visit a tea factory to understand the process of tea production and learn the secret arts of Ceylon Tea and what makes it this tasty. Enjoy high tea in the bungalows every day with an array of sweet and sour items.  

  • Days 5 - 8

    Day 05, 06, 07 & 08

    Hotel: 5* Tri Lanka, Sri Lanka Half Board

    After breakfast at Tea Trails, bid farewell to Ashok and get on board the Cinnamon Air seaplane to fly away to one of the most breathtaking lake front properties in Asia – Tri.

    Tri Experience

    Tri is a whorl of geometric ingenuity and awe-inspiring beauty - Sri Lanka's first truly contemporary, sustainable luxury designed hotel. Mirroring nature's ubiquitous Golden Ratio, Tri spirals ten unique suites around an island promontory flanking Sri Lanka's finest lake. Living walls, green roofs, solar hot water, recycled wood and entirely local materials unify accommodations and landscape. Sequential spaces emanate from a central water tower that captures spectacular 360-degree views. An amazing place to relax and have a quiet time to read your books. 

    The following optional experiences are available during your stay:

    - Visit the Virgin White Tea Plantation: 4000 years ago the Chinese emperor employed virgins wearing soft silky gloves to cut the tea leaves with gold scissors into a golden bowl. It was a drink exclusively served in the Imperial court. Virgin White Tea is the rarest type of white tea, completely untouched by humans from the tea bush to production and until it reaches the lips of the consumer. You will visit this tea factory who’s entire production is bought by Mariage Freres International – Paris. The only other place in the world that this brand is available for purchase will be at the factory that you are visiting.

    - Cinnamon Experience: Cinnamon was discovered in Sri Lanka by the Portuguese. They identified it is a wild tree, researching its benefits and designing a method to cultivate and harvest it. In time cinnamon cultivation and export became one of the prime assets as Sri Lanka produces 90% of world's supply of true cinnamon. This spice is used in both sweet and savoury foods, has a highly fragrant aroma, and is incredibly beneficial for health, frequently used in traditional ayurvedic remedies. Cinnamon cultivation is a very unique process, also a scarcely known operation. It is truly a one of a kind experience that is both interesting and different.  

    - Mask Man: Spend time with a celebrated local artist from the village of Ambalangoda, and witness how the local masks are carved and painted. 

    - Visit a Turtle Hatchery: Sri Lanka is home to five of the seven turtle species in the world and several parts of the island are breeding grounds for these turtles. There’re several Turtle Hatcheries around the country who help the turtles by keeping them in tanks for 4 days and releasing them back into the ocean on the following day, so as to give them a better fighting chance of survival out in the ocean. Visit a hatchery to witness this entire process. Turtle releasing happens during specific times of the day so that the turtles who go into the water will have a better chance, rather than being prey to larger animals.

    - Culinary Journey and Local Market Visit: Season your holiday in Sri Lanka with a culinary journey to understand the subtle art of the island’s exotic cuisines. Visit the local market to pick the correct ingredients to cook that perfect rice and curry in an authentic mud-hut.

    - Whale watching: Drive to the Mirissa harbour to get on board your boat for a session of whale watching where you will have the chance to witness blue whales, sperm whales and spinner dolphins. You will have an air conditioned cabin with a bathroom along with a lounge area for relaxation as well.

    - Cultural excursion: Meet up with an expert resident in the UNESCO Galle Fort who will take you around this magical enclosed living heritage city showing you the hidden gems and explaining about the lifestyles of the people. This will be a real hands-on experience where you will get a real idea about how the Portuguese, Dutch and the British have left their mark on Sri Lanka and how their descendants are living inside the Dutch Fort.  

  • Day 9

    Day 9

    Hotel: * ,

    After breakfast, get on board the Cinnamon Air flight to transfer to the Colombo airport to connect with your departure flight. VIP assistance will be provided at the airport including executive lounge access. 



    The world’s first tea bungalow resort, Ceylon Tea Trails is an icon for small luxury resorts. Comprising of five restored colonial era tea planter residences, the period furnishings, gracious butler service and gourmet cuisine create an ambiance that has made Tea Trails the gold standard for luxury bungalows in Sri Lanka. Situated at an a...


    Guided by nature, evolved with aesthetic passion, and fortified by an all-encompassing sustainable philosophy, Tri is a masterpiece of forward-thinking flair, where mathematical marries artistic and intelligence embraces emotion. Tri’s Golden Ratio theme developed organically; a contour survey of the site informed the spiral pattern and the...

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Itinerary Overview

Days 1 - 4 Day 01, 02, 03 & 04 Days 5 - 8 Day 05, 06, 07 & 08 Day 9 Day 9

Price Includes

- All accommodation on the meal basis as mentioned (Tea trails with a Garden Suite on all-inclusive and Tri with a lake villa with pool on half board)

- All domestic air transfers with Cinnamon Air flights

- Ashok Ferrey exclusively for guests from Day 2-5

- Ground transfers in a Toyota Vezel (SUV) throughout the tour with an English speaking chauffeur guide

- VIP departure service with lounge access at the airport

- All experiences and exclusives mentioned 

Based On

Based on 2 adults sharing in a double room. 

Guide price per person: £6600 / excl. sports

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