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Discover the very best of South West Sri Lanka on a 15 day, 14 night tour discovering Hikkaduwa, Tangalle, Belihuloya, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Waikkala.

  • Days 1 - 2


    Hotel: 4* Haritha Villas, Sri Lanka

    Arrive and enjoy VIP fast track assistance at the airport. You will be privately escorted off the aeroplane to the silk route lounge where you can relax, enjoy the refreshments while your luggage will be cleared through customs on your behalf. Free WiFi will be available and you will meet your chauffeur / national guide at the lounge. VIP exit to your vehicle through a separate door.

    Transfer to your hotel in Hikkaduwa. The seaside town of Hikkaduwa is a popular destination with backpackers because of its idyllic beach setting and variety of water sport activities. Surfers flock here for some of the best waves on the island. Divers and snorkelers don’t have to travel far as the bay is home to localised coral reefs and offshore there is a bounty of colourful underwater life to be seen. Good restaurants and a vibrant nightlife along the café-lined beaches, add to its ambience and allure. Head to Hikkaduwa from October to April as the seaside hamlet quietens down during monsoon season and many places close.

  • Days 2 - 3


    Hotel: 4* Haritha Villas, Sri Lanka Bed & Breakfast

    In the morning enjoy a Cook like a Local experience and in the evening enjoy a Galle Fort Walk with a resident expert.

    Mrs.Shahira Mahuroof hosts the Ceylon Soul Cook like a Local activity within her home in the city of Galle, Sri Lanka. Visitors will be taught the intricate methods involved in preparing the local staples and delicacies. The host will guide each visitor through the individual steps that go into preparing each meal.

    The Ceylon Soul Galle Fort Walk with a Resident is hosted by a local guide that comments on the attractions and cultural history of the Galle Fort. Nestled within fourteen strategically erected bastions, which demarcate Galle Fort’s extent, are numerous places of worship, a plush hotel originally used as the Dutch Governor’s residence, an old warehouse utilised to safe keep ship equipment and store spices, several local schools, a post office, a lighthouse, and a clock tower, all crisscrossed by a grid pattern of streets.

  • Days 3 - 4

    Mulkirigala Cave Temple

    Hotel: 4* Amanwella, Sri Lanka

    In the morning drive to Mulkirigala Cave Temple. Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple in Mulkirigala, Sri Lanka. It has been built on a 205m high natural rock, surrounded with another four rocks known as Benagala, Kondagala, Bisogala and Seelawathiegala. The temple site is located about 2 km from the Mulkirigala junction and can be reached from either Dikwella or Tangalle towns. The temple has been formally recognized by the Government as an archaeological site in Sri Lanka.

    Mulkirigala rock temple has a history of more than 2,000 years. There’re 7 painted caves which is almost identical to the Dambulla cave temple in the cultural triangle. Climb up to the caves and be amazed by the beautiful frescoe paintings and the Lord Buddha statues located deep inside. This is one of the forgotten gems, away from the hustle and bustle of the other tourist destinations. The Dutch, who ruled the Maritime Provinces in the 18th century, called this rock as Adam’s Berg. They believed that the tombs of Adam and Eve were located there, and due to this reason, Mulkirigala was popular among foreign visitors.

  • Days 4 - 5


    Hotel: 4* Amanwella, Sri Lanka

    Relax the day by the beach at Amanwella. Located in a mature coconut grove fronting a crescent-shaped beach, Amanwella is a seaside resort offering contemporary suites with private plunge pools and terraces. The resort suites are linked by pathways along a landscaped rise with beach and ocean views. Guests can relax on the expansive terrace surrounding the main pool or at the beach. The seaside town of Tangalle is situated nearby, and a short stroll will reveal village life and Sri Lanka’s diverse flora and fauna.

  • Days 5 - 6


    Hotel: 4* Ahaspokuna, Sri Lanka

    Today you will be transferred to Ahaspokuna Glamping site. Situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka, the village of Belihuloya lies in the Ratnapura District. This picturesque village is best known for its eco and adventure-tourism opportunities offered in the incredibly scenic surrounds. Its idyllic hillside location offers visitors beautiful views and it serves as an excellent base from which to
    explore the surrounding landscape which is known for its rich biodiversity featuring vast grasslands, semi-evergreen forests, tropical savanna, and montane woodlands. Nature lovers will delight in the diverse variety of wonderful activities including: canoeing in the Samanala Dam, which is the second-largest hydroelectric scheme in Sri Lanka, hiking across the Horton Plains, and viewing a collection of beautiful waterfalls such as the Bambarakanda Ella - the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

  • Days 6 - 7

    Ahaspokuna Bush Walks

    Hotel: 4* Ahaspokuna, Sri Lanka

    In the morning proceed to enjoy a bush walk with a naturalist. At Ahaspokuna, you will be guided by professional naturalists and expert bushmen who have lived in this forested area for several generations. Ahaspokuna is a mosaic of habitats. Wide grasslands, cave systems used by elephants that go there for salt, an eclectic variety of plants and herbs, some of which have medicinal value, streams, hidden waterfalls, and a plethora of mammals and birds, make Ahaspokuna what it is – a magical experience.

  • Days 7 - 8

    Nuwara Eliya

    Hotel: 4* Goatfell, Sri Lanka

    In the morning visit a tea factory then drive to Nuwara Eliya.

    Nuwara Eliya is a beautiful mountain station in Sri Lanka known for its incredible scenery and abundant tea plantations. Sometimes referred to as “Little England’, the city is well-kept and neat and features British-style redbrick walls, mock-Tudor half-timbering and a very English country club. The surrounding areas offer breathtaking views of valleys, meadows, mountains and greenery, and most importantly a wonderful break from the heat and humidity of the coast. Tea Estates, waterfalls, and mountains complete the picture. Visitors can take guided tours of the tea plantations, meander through the roses, take a picturesque walk to the ‘Lovers’ Leap’ waterfall, and meander through orchids and giant cypresses at the Hakgala Gardens. Other highlights include the Seetha Amman and Nuwara Eliya Buddhist Temples and the Galway's Land National Park.

  • Days 8 - 9


    Hotel: 4* Kandy House, Sri Lanka

    Take the scenic train from Nanu Oya to Kandy. The second major city in Sri Lanka (the other being Colombo) lies in the midst of the Kandy Plateau, an area of tropical tea plantations. A prominent feature is Kandy Lake, to the north of which lies the golden-roofed Temple of The Tooth, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and important place for Buddhist worship, as it is said to house a tooth relic of Buddha. Other fascinating places include the Ceylon Tea Museum, the Buddhist Publication Society, the Ayurvedic centre in the Amaya Hills nearby, the Kandyan Art Association and Cultural Centre, where crafts people can be seen at work, and the Kandy Muslim Hotel, which offers the finest spiced curries served with naan or rotis.

  • Days 9 - 10

    Temple of the Tooth

    Hotel: 4* Kandy House, Sri Lanka

    On this day visit the Temple of the Tooth. Enjoy lunch and a tour at Manor House in Kandy (Eladetta Walauwa) and in the evening enjoy a walk at the Royal Botanical garden.

    Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a Buddhist temple in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is located in the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the relic of the tooth of Buddha. Since ancient times, the relic has played an important role in local politics because it is believed that whoever holds the relic holds the governance of the country.

    Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya is located in Kandy and was the Royal Garden of King Rajadhi Rajasirighe during 1780—1798, where a temporary residence was erected for him. This 59-hectare garden boasts exotic flowers, namely Cattleya, Dendrobium, Arachnis, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, Vanda and their hybrids. Visitors can view the landscaped garden and enjoy the on-site cafe and restaurant.

    Located in Kandy, 6.3 km from Kandy Royal Botanical Gardens and 8 km from Ceylon Tea Museum is the Eladetta Walauwa. The rooms that are now ready for occupation are designed individually incorporating the colour and style of the theme while maintaining an old-world charm. High ceilings, antique furniture of various generations, original art by better known local artists and modernised amenities bring out the elegance of these stunning bedrooms and bathrooms. Their delicious home-made meals are created by using fresh produce some of which are picked from their own vegetable, herb and spice garden – grown using organic principles. Whenever possible, guests have the option to choose and pick the vegetables and herbs of their choice and bring to the chefs who can then prepare them according to their wish. Guests can, if they wish, see and join in the preparation of local meal.

  • Days 10 - 11


    Hotel: 4* Ulagalla Resort, Sri Lanka

    After Sanghamitta, the founder of an order of Buddhist nuns, brought a sacred branch from Buddha’s ‘tree of enlightenment’ to Anuradhapura in the 3rd century BC, the city flourished as the island’s political and religious capital. It thrived for 1,300 years, becoming renowned for its colossal city walls, shrines, public buildings and complicated irrigation systems (which still function today). After an invasion by the Pandyans, Anuradhapura was abandoned, all but disappearing into the jungle until its rediscovery by the British in the 19th century. Subsequent restoration led to its being reestablished as a sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site, and more recently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, housing the Sri Maha Bodhiya (Bodhi Tree) and the Ruwanwelisaya, one of the world’s tallest monuments, surrounded by walls that are spectacularly decorated with 1,900 elephant figures.

    Proceed to Yapahuwa (approx 2-3 hrs drive). Located in the North-Western Province of Sri Lanka, Yapahuwa Rock Fortress is 4m in height and 22m in width. The most eye-catching feature of the fort is the stone staircase with intricate carvings which leads to the palace grounds. A museum is also located at the entrance of the fortress, displaying a variety of antiquities of Yapahuwa. The palace
    and fortress were constructed by King Buvanekabahu I in 1273.

  • Days 11 - 12

    Wilpattu National Park

    Hotel: 4* Ulagalla Resort, Sri Lanka

    In the morning enjoy backroad cycling in Anuradhapura. In the evening enjoy a leopard and bear safari in Wilpattu National Park

    Anuradhapura Backroads Cycling Journey is an exciting excursion whereby participants are invited to cycle through the back roads of the Kingdom of Anuradhapura with a resident guide. While cycling, participants will be taken through the inner city, where they will witness the amazing features of Anuradhapura, as well as the hidden gems of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Located on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, along its stunning west coast, the off-the-beaten-track Wilpattu National Park is set close to the historical city of Anuradhapura. Dubbed the ‘Land of Lakes’, the park’s main feature is the many natural lakes, of which the park is named, that dot the northwest coast. Nature lovers will delight in the unspoilt wilderness, where eagle-eyed visitors can look forward to catching a glimpse of the local wildlife. Discover the area’s history and find the ancient ruins in the park, venture through the thick untouched jungle for a true wilderness safari experience and soak up the scenic landscapes blanketed in scrublands, wetlands and thick jungle. Commonly spotted species include: leopard, elephant, mongoose, sloth bear and a variety of wetland bird species such as egret, whistling teal, spoonbill, white Ibis, and many more.

  • Days 12 - 13


    Hotel: 4* Ulagalla Resort, Sri Lanka

    In the morning visit Avukana Buddha statue and Sasseruwa Buddha Statue and in the evening enjoy the Ritigala Monastery Hike.

    Avukana is one of the best examples of our ancient sculptors’ ability to turn stone into breathtaking art. Built in the 5th Century AD, what a lot of people don’t know is that Avukana has a twin statue very close by called – The Sasseruwa. The story goes as, a student challenged his master saying that he is better than and a sculpting dual began. The master started building Avukana and his student started building Sasseruwa. The student saw the finished beauty of the Avukana and accepted his defeat and left, without putting the final touches to his statue – Sasseruwa. One can still see the unfinished lines on the statue to this date.

    Ritigala is an ancient Buddhist monastery and mountain in Sri Lanka. The ruins and rock inscriptions of the monastery date back to 1st century. It is located 43 km away from the ancient monastic city of Anuradhapura.

  • Days 13 - 14


    Hotel: 4* Wattura Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

    Situated within the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, and close to the island’s western border, the village of Waikkala boasts wide, soft beaches and an array of surrounding attractions. The town presents more tranquil, untouched shores; it is less touristy than its more popular neighbour, Negombo, but still features ample bars, restaurants and resorts. Visitors can see an array of art styles at the Don Renuka's Art Gallery, take photographs of the unique trees from the observation deck of the Beddegana Wetland Park, and still enjoy the huge array of attractions in Negombo a short drive away.

  • Days 14 - 15

    Beach Day

    Hotel: 4* Wattura Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

    Relax the day by the beach at Wattura Resort and Spa - a luxury boutique hotel nestled between Waikkal beach and the Gin Oya estuary, which acts as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Relax at the hotel's spa and swimming pool or enjoy a workout at the fully-equipped gym fitted with cardio and muscle-building equipment.



    Haritha Villas and Spa is set on a hill amongst the canopy of trees. These stunning luxury villas use a unique combination of minimalistic designs and natural landscapes to create an ideal environment for relaxation. The villas are only a short walk away from Narigama Beach whilst the Community Tsunami Museum is a short drive away. Each villa is el...


    Coconut palms sway above the golden sand beach at Amanwella, a tranquil hideaway set in a cove on Sri Lanka’s southern coast. The seaside town of Tangalle is nearby and Sri Lanka’s diverse flora and fauna is ready to be explored. Stroll along paths that wind through the jungle and pretty Wella Wathura village. Take in the spectac...


    This all-suite camp provides experiences that are all about bush walks in an environment that provides new experiences around every corner. Enjoy Sri Lanka's famous warmth and hospitality at its finest and make your walking safari dreams come true. At Ahaspokuna, you will be guided by professional naturalists and expert bushmen who have lived in ...


    Perched amongst tea bushes amidst the Concordia Estate, high up on a hill near Nuwara Eliya, Goatfell is a luxurious, recently renovated four-bedroom tea bungalow hotel. This former estate manager’s bungalow still resonates with the warmth and upcountry charm of a bygone era. With gourmet food and butler service, guests can relax on covered veran...


    The Kandy House is a beautiful example of luxury Kandy boutique hotel. This boutique hotel is an ancestral manor house which was built in 1804 and its rich history and exquisite restoration, with nine rooms to choose from. Enjoy your stay at this Kandy hotel where the aim is to give guests an experience of staying in a more private house which ...


    Once the ancestral estate of local Anuradhapura nobility, this luxury hotel in Sri Lanka features a 150-year-old mansion at its centre, with 20 private ecologically-built chalets across 58 acres of land. As one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, with its LEEDS green certificate and own solar farm generating half of its own energy requirements...


    Wattura Resort and Spa is a luxury boutique hotel nestled between Waikkal beach and the Gin Oya estuary, which acts as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort offers 4 room types namely the Suite, Gin Oya Suite, Wattura Villa with Plunge Pool, and the Wattura Residence. All villas and suites types offer guests a mesmerising vie...

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