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Margarita Kitesurfing Holidays

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Kitesurf Holiday Overview

Margarita is a small south American island, located just off the coast of Venezuela. The genuine friendly vibe, created from the south American roots ensures a feeling of warmth and welcome.

Kitesurfing in Margarita is never boring, with the main part of the town, El Yaque, being designated for windsurfers, kiters have the choice of two awesome locations.

El Yaque was originally a small fishing village, but it's perfect wind and water conditions were discovered by windsurfers, who flocked form far and wide, and built the town around their beloved sport. Later on kitesurfers also began visiting El Yaque, and now it is a place where you can completely unwind, and submerge yourself into kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Areas Around El Yaque

Kite Beach

Kite beach is located up wind from the center and windsurf area, in a different bay. Boats are used to access the beach, and are available through all centers. Due to the upwind location, upwind kiting is important, but not essential as supervision is available, where an instructor will accompany you by boat, and give you a lift back to the start if you drift downwind.

It is possible to launch from the end of El Yaque beach as long as you can easily kite up wind.

El Coche

El Coche is the other easily accessible kiting spot, located 8 Km off El Yaque's shore, boats are also used to get here. You can stay here but may feel cut off, and the nightlife is very limited. However boats don't stop leaving until sundown, so you can enjoy a long day kiting before returning to EL Yaque.

The wind in El Coche blows offshore, creating a beautifully flat area to kite in. This does mean that like kitesurfing from kite beach it is essential to be able to go upwind, however if you do end up downwind the locals on El Coche provide excellent safety boat cover.

The Wind Conditions In El Yaque And Coche


In El Yaque you will find a spot with some of the highest number of windy days in the world, and on top of that, the spot definitely has the highest wind guarantee from December until May. In the summer months the wind is less strong. During winter it blows with a force of 3-5 Beaufort in the morning and after midday thermal conditions intensify the trade wind to a force of about 4-7 Beaufort. The spot itself is over 1 km long and with a steady sideshore wind from the left.


The wind blows across the salt flats (salinas) and beach, giving perfect, super flat water conditions. It feels like sailing on silk. Coche is ideal for both kiting and windsurfing; however it has recently become more popular among Kitesurfers.

The constant offshore wind, direction is from the east, blowing at a speed of about 12 knots in the morning and gradually building to around 25 knots in the afternoon.

Activities In Margarita

There are a bunch of other activities in El Yaque, for non windsurfing partners, the odd no wind day, or when you just want a break from windsurfing. The other watersports include Paddle Boarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and kitesurfing.

The Nightlife In El Yaque

The night life of El Yaque follows the traditional Latin American Merengue which is sure to get you dancing. However being built around the watersports, the emphasis is mainly on chilling out in the bars, people chatting about their day on the water, and nursing their blistered hands.

Nearby is Polemar which is a sophisticated city, around 20 minutes away in a taxi. There you will find an array of bars and night clubs, all very reasonably priced.


The beaches in El Yaque are completely child friendly, with no shore break, and plenty of sand to build elaborate castles. The light morning wind and flat, shallow water make it and ideal place for kids to learn how to windsurf, so they can experience the delight of watersports at an early age. However you have to be aware that there is a big lack in activities for children away from windsurfing, and there are no kids clubs. El Yaque is definitely a lot more geared up for couples and singles looking to throw themselves into kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Trips And Tours Around Margarita

Alongside the reliable wind and warm atmosphere to draw you to Margarita, the adventures that surround the island take you to places with beauty you can never forget.

Here at Planet we specialize in creating tailor-made trips, and love the adventurous opportunities around Margarita which allow us to put together an awesome itinerary. It is a really good idea to give us a ring if you’re interested in a tailor-made adventure, for more information and examples of itineraries. A typical trip could include:

Los Roques

Los Roques is an archipelago (small cluster of islands) containing outstanding beauty, a truly spectacular place!

In 1972 it was made a national park, so it’s natural beauty above and below the water remains unspoilt, with tourism heavily controlled.

The small airport is situated on El Gran Roque is where you arrive by a small aircraft. From here you can book trips for the following day to the other islands, and have a choice of around 12 different tours to choose between.

Los Roques promises stunning underwater sight for divers and kitesurfers will be equally ecstatic after a session on the crystal clear waters. Although the wind in Los Roques is not the same reliable strength of El Yaque, when it does blow be sure to have your kit on you, ready for a session amongst dolphins and turtles.


A visit to the incredibly interesting, and beautiful national park Canaima, would definitely be on the cards. Involving excursions to some of the many spectacular sights, including the worlds tallest waterfall ‘Salto Angel’ translating to ‘Angel Falls’, measuring a whopping 1002 meters, that’s 15 times higher than Niagra Falls! The most adventurous way to visit the natural wonder is by white water rafting from Canaima lagoon, and finishing up at the foot of Angel Falls. This is only possible during certain times of the year.

From Canaima Lagoon you can take a ‘Curiara’ (traditional hollowed out canoe) and experience and up close look of the other waterfalls in Canaima, and see awesome views of the ‘Tepuis’ which are flat topped mountains.

The extreme landscape of the national park makes for some challenging trekking, including a trek to the top from the tiny village of Uruyen, which takes three days on rough tracks.

The adventurous activities in Canaima are endless!

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