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  After a few years running kitefoiling clinics in Portugal, the team from Progression has been asked multiple times to run wave coaching camps. So here it is, our first kite-surf camp. You are not going to want to miss out on Viana do Castello’s perfect conditions to improve your directional surf riding. 

Here in Portugal thermal winds deliver perfect cross-shore breezes for prime wave riding conditions. On this camp, you will enjoy unique filming and photography opportunities to maximise your wave riding development. You can also delight in the culturally and culinary rich town of Viana do Castello, exploring the wide variety of restaurants and delicious Portuguese food and port throughout the week.

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  • 4* Hotel Feelviana

    North Portugal

    The FeelViana Hotel works hard to preserve and respect the exceptional habitat where it is set. This is done by using natural building materials, such as wood, for a harmonious integration in the vast pinewood forest where it is located. The hotel has created a unique space for its guests with its eye catching decor. 

    Please note for any travellers looking to visit FeelViana in August, two festivals happen in the city this month: Neopop Festival and Romaria Nossa Senhora da Agonía, which may disturb the usual silence and calm of the place but provide a unique and exciting way to experience Portugal.

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This camp is based at the premium FeelViana sports hotel, surrounded by beautiful pine forests and a short walk to the kitesurf beach. You will have access to the infamous FeelViana buffet breakfasts, their incredible spa, gym and a wide range of sports facilities that will keep you fit and entertained all week. Feel Viana sports centre provides one of the best set-ups for water sports that Portugal has to offer.

FeelViana is set on a stunning sandy beach with butter flat water at one end for off-the-wave coaching to improve strapless riding, foot changes, tacks and turns. Then you will also have access to the whole Cabadelo bay for a range of different waves to practice and develop all types of wave riding techniques. This is a huge playground for learning directional board and kite skills.

The team will also be using downwinders to coach and improve your linked turns and chase waves down the Atlantic coast.

The clinic is best suited to kitesurfers with some wave riding/directional board experience. You need to have already had a few sessions and at a minimum are able to waterstart and be riding along, holding your ground upwind on a directional board. It is also suitable for wave riders who are chasing big waves or aiming to perfect their strapless freestyle moves. Whatever your level do get in touch and we can discuss if this particular clinic will be best for you.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for further answers to common questions like What kit you should bring  and can you bring your partner, along with many others.

Of all our camps this is probably the best for anyone who wishes to bring their non-kiting partner. The hotel has lots to offer whilst partners are out foiling and there is plenty of opportunities for you to sneak away and explore the town and surrounding area and still get plenty of coaching in during the afternoons. There is a £99 price for partners which includes them in the welcome drink and dinner on the first night along with a Tranquility or Localized Sports Massage. We want your partner to feel they too are part of the group over the week, joining us for any of the other land-based activities and evening meals. Planet can also put together additional spa based packages, so just enquire when you book.


Price Includes

  • 6 days coaching with Danny and Rob
  • 7 nights accommodation and breakfast at FeelViana – 2 sharing a room
  • Welcome drink and dinner at FeelViana on the first night with the rest of the group
  • Shared locker for kit storage at FeelViana Watersport Centre
  • Unique Progression Live camp t-shirt

Price Excludes

  • Flights and airport transfers (contact us for an inclusive price)
  • Single supplement
  • Room upgrades
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Equipment rental - either take your own or enquire about local rental

Itinerary Details

Progression Live prides itself on the quality of coaching on offer – deep insight and understanding have always been a key part of Progression’s DNA. Every student learns differently, some needing just a few pointers throughout the day, where others a more in-depth guided process – the couches will tailor your experience to best suit your needs and ensure you get the most out of the week. Everyone is given a daily objective in the mornings briefing, and then expect you are expected to go off and give this a good go. The coaches will be on the beach and water observing, giving you pointers, and someone is always available for you to come and ask questions.

Progression's aim is help you reach your own potential, pushing hard when you need it but ensuring you have fun, ending every day with a smile on your face and new challenges accomplished, whether they are big or small. And it’s not just about what you learn on the camp, you’ll leave with a personalised Progression Plan guiding you through the next stages of your kitesurfing progression.

The clinic will involves 6 days of coaching at Cabedelo’s main beach with a group of 7-8 kiters. There will be two coaches who will also offer video analysis, BBtalkin headsets for one-on-one session and Progression Live demos.

What if there is no wind? It’s unlikely but on light wind days there is still a lot of big kites, light wind practice you can work on along with water relaunch and self-rescue techniques. And if there is truly no wind, other than theory sessions, Viana do Castelo has lots of other activities to keep you entertained – surfing, outstanding mountain biking trails, day trips to Porto for Port tastings to name just a few – not forgetting the hotel spa, yoga classes and gym.

The normal daily structure is:

Breakfast around 9 am
Land coaching at Feel Viana hotel at 11 am
Meet down the beach at 12.30 for a pre-session warm-up and set up.
The wind then tends to come in stronger for the afternoon and with loads of space, you’ll move about the beach for the best set up and waves.
One coach will be on the water going around between all students and pointing out where you’re going right and wrong. The other coach will be on the beach ready to offer support with kites, boards and questions you have as you try new techniques.
The coaches will also film and take photographs throughout the week, which then becomes an essential part of the morning briefing sessions. All of this ensures you’ll make heaps of Progression in your week.
Viana do Castelo has a great variety of restaurants and bars and each evening a dinner will be organised for those people who want to join. Though feel free to do your own thing, if you prefer, and the hotel does have a fantastic restaurant for the nights you’re too exhausted to go further afield after all those hours on the water.

Your Guide:

Danny Morrice and Rob Claisse : Kitefoiling Masters

From competing as a teen to travelling the world with the sport, Danny has over 12 years experience with kitesurfing and has grown up living and breathing it. Now one of the most competent free ride foilers in the UK, Danny is passionate about coaching and helping people gain access into this new area of the sport. The other member of this formidable duo, Rob has always been involved in watersports, a past world champion windsurfer, 17 years experience as a kitesurfer and for last 13 years helping over 200,000 kiters learn and improve with his Progression series of kitesurfing videos, DVDs and apps. Now his own obsession for kite foiling, has led him to find ways to make foiling accessible to the whole kiting community.